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Where do we fit in the BIG PICTURE?

A couple days ago I received a call from Dan Hayes, Executive Director of the IBMA back in Nashville. Dan called to chat about some high tech initiatives the organization is looking to undertake. During our talk, Dan mentioned the number of professional IBMA members who live in California; these are the musicians, booking agents, association leaders, promoters, etc., who use the IBMA as a trade organization, (this opposed to fan members). He indicated we have quite a few out here. Anyway, I found myself wondering after we finished our chat just how California stacks up against the rest of the country when it comes to bluegrass professionals. And then, once again through the miracle of the world wide web, answers comes in the form of an email from my pal Larry Kuhn…..

“Hey Rick, did you see this . . . ? Newsworthy . . . ? You make the call.


--- On Fri, 1/29/10, Dan Hays wrote:

From: Dan Hays
Subject: IBMA - Where Are We?
Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 8:10 AM


Top 10 Locations of IBMA Professional Members:

Tennessee - 440
North Carolina - 168
Virginia - 138
Kentucky - 113
California - 107
Ohio - 82
New York - 78
Pennsylvania - 65
Florida - 63
Texas - 61

Georgia and Michigan're just barely outside the top 10.

And we have a member in every state in the US, though we need to make
sure our 1 and only member in Idaho stays healthy.
(Actually, we want to make sure "all" our members stay healthy!)

Some non-US member stats are forthcoming.

Thanks to each of you for your involvement and support!

Dan Hays

IBMA: Working together for the success of bluegrass music worldwide.”

IBMA-L@LSV.UKY.EDU, by the way, is the IBMA’s list serv discussion group. Like the Bluegrass L but different. Anyway, a few minutes later, Dan posted another bit of stats….

“From: Dan Hays
Subject: IBMA - Where Are We Outside the US?
Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 9:06 AM


Top 10 Locations of IBMA Professional Members in countries other than
the US:

Canada - 47
Japan - 15
Australia - 13
England - 13
Italy - 9
Denmark 7
Germany - 7
Switzerland - 7
Netherlands - 6
Ireland - 6

Norway, France and the Czech Republic would tie for the top 10 with just
a couple more pro members.

We have pro members in 22 countries and are especially proud of our 1
member in South America (Brazil). I believe he has more square miles to
cover than anyone!

And, again....thanks to each of you for your involvement and support!”

So that’s the skinny. California ranks fifth in the U.S. in terms of IBMA professional members. And this may really surprise you: the San Francisco metro area….Marin to Monterey and over to Sacramento… the third strongest region in the nation for bluegrass record sales. It’s like Mark Varner routinely reminds us, folks, we’re livin’ in bluegrass heaven. Let’s not take it for granted.
Posted:  1/30/2010

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