Author: Alvira, Marco

Nonbinding Resolutions

Writing this column a few days before January 1, I’ve pondered the list of potential topics that are scribbled in a note pad next to my computer. After ten Christmas vacation days of torpid inactivity, those topics requiring mental energy have been passed over. I’m looking for the easy pick—i.e., the no-brainer. And what could be easier this time of year than an article about New Years resolutions? I wouldn’t blame you right now for clicking on a link that promises more exciting reading, for who can bear yet another banal “resolution” piece this close to New Year’s day? In fact, you probably have already read one or two such columns in other periodicals, each one most likely containing insight profoundly deeper than any I might offer. Yet here we are, and you have to think to yourself, maybe, just maybe Marcos, with nothing original to offer this month, will keep his column to a reasonable 500 words, or less, in contrast to his typical 1200 narratives.

Most New Year articles will feature some health (we’re talking weight loss) related topic as the number one resolution. With all the talk about food and good eating on our Message Board, I’m figuring many of you might feel right resentful for me bringing that one up. Truthfully, health and weight loss are topics the furthest from my thoughts. For you see, I exercise regularly…twice a year whether I need it or not. I rarely miss a work out. Besides, I figure a guy in his fifties with a flat stomach just isn’t living right. So for the greater good of the bluegrass body that we call the CBA, we’ll skip the health tips as this year’s #1 resolution.

The number two topic on most resolution lists has to do with matters of pecuniary of interest—we’re talking making money and how to save it. These topics often include helpful tips for saving and investing your hard earned cash in hope of reaping some future fiscal windfall in one’s golden years. Again, being fairly broke (two kids away in college to support) any advice that I might offer would ring disingenuously hollow. Besides, investments in fine wood instruments, festival tickets and tee shirts, and music camps accumulate hugely into the credit column of life’s ledger sheet. I can’t find richer folks anywhere than at the CBA festivals and camp outs. When I see old friends greeting each other with huge bear hugs; when I see little kids on stage bowing and picking with wide eyes and smiles…well, I don’t just don’t need to explain anything to any of you about the meaning true treasure.

With about fifty words to go before reaching my self imposed 500 word limit this month, I can think of one resolution that many of you out there within my digital reach might consider:

#1 on the New Year’s resolution list—if you’re not a member of the CBA but enjoy our web site, newspaper, or activities, please consider joining. Through one click, you’ll be joining a large family and be contributing to the growth of a music and culture we all love. If you’re already a member, take the plunge and find a way to volunteer. All the great achievements of this organization are labors of love offered gratis by people like you. If you’re already a member and a volunteer..well thank you. You’ve made a huge difference in my life these last two and a half years.

That’s it. I’m over my limit. We’ll see you all in Bakersfield!

Happy New!!!

Posted:  1/3/2010

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