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Holiday Gift Ideas

Well, itís that time of year! People are singing and the bells are ringing and the pressure is on. What gifts will you get for everyone? Who will you forget? Who will buy you a gift and hand it to you when itís too late to get something to reciprocate? I donít know the answers to these questions, of course. But I can help you with your holiday gift selection, with these handy gift ideas.

SmartMute for Banjo
This clever device acts a banjo mute, but unmutes itself when the banjo is finally in tune. Imagine the sweet lack of banjo tuning cacophony if every banjo player in your jam circle had one at Grass Valley! This handy device is affordable and makes a great stocking stuffer. Hereís one fun little catch, though Ė the manufacturer warns that to date, no one has been able to tune a banjo enough to trigger this contraptionís un-mute function! Happy plucking!

Bass Beer Caddy
This neat little gadget is soft and insulated and fits right into the bridge of your bass. No more whirling around looking for your beer at festivals, only to discover that you kicked it over 4 songs ago. Easy to reach, and fits can and bottles alike, and the generous foam lining ensures youíll have a cool sip of beer after each and every song! Comes in 3 designer colors: Clarence White, Richard Greene and Danny Paisley.Stool Pants
A cool invention with a truly unfortunate name, this is simply a pair of pants with three stool legs sewn into the back. While standing, the legs just stick out the back, but anytime you want to sit down, just lean back, and the legs are there to support you! They take a little getting used to, and you certainly canít drive or ride a bike while wearing them. OK, trips to the porta potty will be kind of an adventure too, but isnít it all worth it to know you donít need to carry a chair around to be assured of a place to sit no matter where you are? And three legs mean a stable, noĖwobble sitting experience. Available as in denim or khaki.

Scruggs Tuners for Fiddle
This idea may take a while to catch on, but give it some thought. Think of the cool effects Scruggs Tuners could bring to your fiddle playing. A lot of folks donít realize that Earl Scruggs first invented his cam tuners for fiddle, and only later adapted the idea to banjo. So, this innovative fiddle accessory is perfect for the more adventurous fiddlers out there. It wouldnít surprise me one bit if the slip-slidey sounds of these tuners became commonplace in bluegrass jams!

Crocheted Bass Cozy
Everyone has seen those boring black bass gig bags (with an occasional REI-green looking version). Give the bass player on your list something that will really stand out! These crocheted bass cozies are soft and attractive, and will provide good protection against scratches and dings at festivals. Plus theyíre so stretchy, it can easily fit in your pocket when youíre not using it! The only downsides I saw are, if you wash it, it becomes a ukulele cozy, and it takes about 25 minutes to get it properly stretched over the bass Ė but these are not deal breakers for the real fashion conscious musician!

Well, Iím out of space Ė I hope these gift ideas will make your shopping just a little bit easier this holiday season!
Posted:  12/2/2009

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