Author: Campbell, Bruce

One day, two columns - but one's invisible

I had written a beautiful column for this Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I read through my previous 4 Thanksgiving columns, and drew excerpts from each, and added more pithy, poignant commentary.

Unfortunately, you’ll never see it. I left it on my computer at home, and now I’m at work, having forgotten to upload the column before I left home. This is my normal Wednesday routine, but I guess this ain’t no normal Wednesday…

Tomorrow is a day we, as a society, have set aside to give thanks, and a better reason for a holiday I can’t imagine. Life is such a full time job, and so much of our energy (OK, pretty much ALL of it) is spent dealing the myriad challenges that life throws in front of us every day. If we’re not careful we can end up viewing life as nothing but a game of dodging the boulders strewn in our path.

Of course, it’s more than that, and the best way to regain the proper perspective is to pause and give thanks. Some of us do this at every meal time, with a prayer, time, with a prayer, saying grace. I like to think I am thankful every day – I know this is true.

But to take a whole day (or a long weekend) to ritualize theses thanks, and partake in the life-embracing activity of feasting, that’s important, too. Even for those of you for whom time spent with family is stressful, try and deactivate the buttons that your relatives push every time you get together, for just a day (or just a meal).

If you think you’re happy, you are. If you think you’re lucky, you are. This is a tremendous power you have, and it requires a little recharging every now and then. Tomorrow’s a good day to do this, with witnesses all around. Happiness and being lucky are also contagious – maybe some of your friends and family are having trouble convincing themselves they are lucky or happy, so see if you can help. It’s all a state of mind.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Sorry about the column you’ll never see!

Posted:  11/25/2009

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