Author: Cornish, Rick

Trying to wake on Morning One

It's barely nine a.m. and the lounge is half full of tentative trade show goers and all night revilers carefully blinking good morning to one another. We are zombies, one and all, but instead of brains to devour we roam halls and passages of the hotel in search of fresh banjo, mandolin, dobro.

Larry Chung just approached and I asked him if he like to write something into the welcome. Sure he said and sat down to type while I fetched a bowl of ice cold, very fresh and sweet watermelon. When I returned I found him typing away. I left to get Larry a fork for his share of the melon and, once again, when I returned to the kiosk he was still clicking away madly. "Have I written too much," he asked? "No, not at all....write what's on your mind." So Larry wrote some more, then got up grabbed a piece of melon to go and was off. When I sat down in front of the computer he'd been typing on I found nothing. Did I imagine Him?

Now here's Darby....who's reminded me we have a meeting in ten minutes. Got to go. Better report from Brunch tomorrow.

Posted:  9/29/2009

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