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Give Me Forty Acres andÖ.

I hope you veteran RVers will bear with me here, but until the novelty wears off, Iíve got to relate some of my first-timers escapades.

Keep in mind, Iíve got two and a half acres here but it only took me five days to back our new (to us) trailer into the fence and break a tail light lens. I called a repair place in town and, after describing my trailer and the broken part by manufacturer and part number, was assured that they had what I needed. My buddyís wife was going that way and offered to pick it up for me. You guessed it! The part she came back with is nothing like mine. Sheís going again next week and Iím sending the intact lens from the other side with her. Maybe we can get it right!

I think Mrs. Slim (aka Suzy Homemaker) has already bought more stuff to put in that trailer than she got to put in our new house. It seems you canít just stow things in the cupboards or under that lift-up bed without having some kind of fancy container to put it in! Who knew? Thereíre stores in those big shopping centers where they sell Öwait for itÖCONTAINERS! The other day she came home with a carload of them in assorted shapes and sizes. I Guess I might as well toss all those gently used cardboard boxes Iíve been saving for the day Iíd have a use for them.

On another note, a recent Message Board posting prompted this thought. Those of you who read publications which contain lists of regular jam sessions usually see included a warning to check ahead of time before you go to the event to make sure itís happening, hasnít moved, or didnít die years ago! Hence, if youíre posting an announcement of your event, especially a regular jam, please include contact information!

In that vein, the First-Monday- of- the-Month Jam at Rustyís Pizza on Olive Drive in Bakersfield is ON for this Monday, holiday and all. The ramrod for this jam is Kelvin Gregory. You can catch him at 661-392-7973 or . This jam has been going for, oh, a year and a half now without a miss. Thereíre usually 12 to 16 pickers, all skill levels.

Kelvin also puts out a great e-mail newsletter containing a lot of info on jams and upcoming events in central/southern CA and BG-related websites. Contact him to get on his mailing list.

Posted:  9/5/2009

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