Author: Zuniga, Henry

Who Are you Guys?

Hi-dee-ho friends! This is my first ?Daily? column in about a year. I took a break and now I?m ready to resume writing about this thing we call Bluegrass music. I want to thank the many people who, over time, took the time to tell me how much they liked my previous contributions to the Message Board. I?d also like to thank Rick Cornish for giving me this opportunity, once again, to become a monthly columnist.

Many things have come and gone since I last wrote. Festivals, jams, and even a few friends have all become wonderful, if not sad, memories. The shining light in all of this is the knowledge that tomorrow promises more magical moments and new friends to meet and accept into our family. Part of the new family to which I refer includes many talented new writers for our Daily messages. Beginning with a fine lady, we have Jeanie Ramos, followed by the men; Marcos Alvira, Geoff Sargent, Slim Stuart, Ed Alston, Cliff Compton, John Karsemeyer, Bill Evans, Brooks Judd, and Ted Lehman. I stand in good company and hope that I can achieve a level of talent and creativity worthy of this forum.

For about the past two weeks, the Message Board has been abuzz with hits. As a matter of fact, one post has garnered over 137 hits, a new, though inglorious record.

Unfortunately the original poster chose to make some disparaging remarks that insulted our BOD and anyone living in Northern California. Perhaps it was ?a bad day? thing, certainly it was a bad choice of words. The post morphed from outrage, to outlandish, as members chimed in with their thoughts and soon changed the topic to a lighthearted walk down memory lane.

Now that the smoke has cleared and calm has returned to the galaxy, I feel compelled to answer the question that was posed in the original thread; ?Who are you guys?? Many members, especially new ones, have no idea about the people who are running the CBA. I?m proud to say that I know each of them personally, some more intimately than others. It was no magic trick and I didn?t have to have a special invitation to meet these fine people. Our board of directors and CBA officers are not untouchable. In fact, all of them are willing to sit down and chat, when they can spare the time. I learned about most of them through our website, their posts, including candidate statements, and, our monthly newspaper the Bluegrass Breakdown. I also have made a point of going to a few board meetings, something that all CBA members are welcome to do. Over the years, I?ve had occasion to interact with most of them. There is no question in my mind that each one is a fine person and that the CBA is lucky to have such talented people leading our organization.

Without ?naming names? or going into specifics, our board members are a who?s who of highly educated and experienced professionals. Most have college degrees and a couple have life experience that qualifies them for due respect and attention. Here is a list of our Board of Directors? current and past positions which illustrates that they are not a bunch of ?pot smoking, 60?s rejects.?

Nurse/Hospital Executive
Project Manager, Satellite Industry
Manager, Internet Industry
Financial Auditor, retired
Manager, Internet Industry
Electrical contractor, business owner
School teacher, retired military
Corporate Executive, retired engineer
Retired pipe fitter, Union leader
Retired law enforcement

This is a potent mix of very passionate people that, through their experience and willingness to be flexible, make the CBA run with clockwork precision. They are also aided by many members that include retired lawyers, accountants, computer programmers, graphic designers, and a host of other professionals.

So there you have it. This list, IMHO, is pretty darned impressive! These people, each with amazing abilities, work together and do some incredible things. They are the reason that the CBA is the envy of all other bluegrass organizations. Can you be a part of this magnificent machine? Yes, you can! Every year we hold open elections. For the past several years it has been hard to find people who want to step up and fill these important positions. In fact, it is often hard for us to get ten percent of our membership, the amount necessary for a legal quorum, to vote for new board members. Many of our often maligned board members would like to retire but won?t until they know that the CBA is in capable hands.

You don?t need a degree or your own business to join these ranks. Ideas, patience, a cooperative nature, and a willingness to work tirelessly on behalf of the CBA are the qualifications needed to become a board member. It definitely helps if you are friendly, unbiased, and accepting of the fact that the CBA, like the good ol? U.S. of A., is an amalgam of different people with different lifestyles. These are the most important qualifications, and, if this is you, you have my support and my vote!

Posted:  8/15/2009

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