Author: Cornish, Rick

We can work this out, honest.
One day last week while pushing my shopping cart through the produce section at SavMart I heard half a cell phone conversation, my end coming from a scruffy, late twenties man pushing his own cart. We were in the leafy greens section.

“WHAT? You’re kidding me. Well then fine, just fine.”

Other end.

“You’re idea? YOUR IDEA. Bull-s_ _ _! I’m the one who’s been saying for at least six months that it’s over.”

Other end.

“Alright. You heard me, that’s fine, THAT’S FINE! I’ll have my stuff out tonight. This whole relationships been a sham anyways, I’ve had it. I’m out of here. OUT OF HERE!”

At this point scruffy stops pushing the cart and listens intently, so I stop too. I’ve got to hear how this ends.

“NUTS!, NUTS!,” he explodes, “you know I can’t stand nuts in my ice cream. I’m bringing mint swirl home.”

Other end.

“Okay, cookie dough then. But no frigging nuts.” He clicked his cell phone closed, stuffed it in his jeans pocket and reached for some red Swiss chard. At this point I pulled ahead of him and glanced back just for an instant. Frustration of a magnitude rarely scene at SavMart was etched on his face.

My friends, as I write these words at 4:08 this morning, frustration, at scruffy’s magnitude, or at least nearly at his magnitude, would surely be etched on my face were I to check in a mirror. Just as he and his wife/girl friend/fiancé have been going around and around for six months and getting no where, I’ve been telling you, screaming at the top of my lungs in UPPER CASE, and even occasionally resorting to BOLD TYPE FACE that we do not mind sending you your username and password so you can download your Breakdown and, of late and much more importantly, so you CAN VOTE!

Yes, I do receive one or two requests per day….sometimes three. But of the requests I receive in a week, fully two-thirds contain the words “I’m sorry” or “Okay, I’m an idiot.” And you simply cannot believe the reasons people have given me for losing their username and password, (as if they even needed to give me a reason. ‘I had it on my computer and had a complete hard drive melt down.’ ‘My wife and I split and she took the slip of paper the username and password was written on.’ ‘I lost it, I just lost it, but you can’t believe the pressure I’ve been under lately.’

Okay, now listen. The fact is it’s been over a year now since we sent out usernames and passwords to our members so they could vote in last year’s election. Despite the fact that we asked you to hold on to them so that when we finally began uploading Bluegrass Breakdowns on the web site, you could download them, most people discarded their usernames and passwords. My estimate at this point is that about 95% of you trashed the little slip of paper we sent you. It’s okay. IT’S OKAY! Personally, I had to look mine up in our membership database four times before I memorized it.

Today’s the 21st of September. The election will end on October 20th—no votes will be accepted after 2:00 p.m. that day at the Colusa Campout. And still we’re not close to the quorum we’re required to have in our by-laws. If on October 20th we don’t have the necessary number of votes, then we have to start all over again, and we can’t let that happen.

No, you don’t have to vote online. There’s a ballot in the September Breakdown, and if you’ve discarded that one, you’ll find another in the October issue. Just clip it out, fill it out and send it in. OR, do it the easy way: send us an e-mail at rcornish@sjcoe, (please no apologies or excuses), we’ll send you what you need the same day, and you can do your duty and vote. Simple.

I saw scruffy again at the check out stand. He had two small Ben and Jerry’s in his cart, one cookie dough, the other rocky road. Now, there’s a start.

Posted:  11/21/2007

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