Author: Varner, Mark

President's day
Dear friends,

Hey everybody! It’s President’s Day, the day people everywhere celebrate the life and works of CBA president, Darby Brandli. We hope you will take a moment out of your day to pay homage to the woman who has done so much for our association.

The day became a holiday by act of Congress in the darkest days of the depression. It was the bitter spring of 1930 and a weary world turned it rheumy eyes to seek out a glimmer of hope. That hope was best expressed in the native music of the country people. It was a time when whole towns pulled together to put on dances and festivals to drive away the gnawing hunger and hopelessness of their poverty with song. In those days the CBA was about the onliest thing they had to cling to, as their crops failed and the banks came to foreclose.

The day we celebrate today was originally the birth date the first CBA president, Lorenzo the Histrionic. Lorenzo oversaw and guided the seminal stages of the CBA’s development during his term from 1614 till 1648, a period many consider the “Golden Age of Bluegrass.” Lorenzo, a poor cobbler’s son rose to greatness by inventing the capo. He is widely credited for driving barre chords from his home island of Santa Lucia. Today a golden statue of Lorenzo, with emerald eyes the size of softballs stands in the serenity garden in the northwest corner of the CBA world headquarters parking lot. A plaque at Lorenzo’s feet is inscribed with the words “Dum volvo, video disco.” No one is quite sure what this refers to.

Darby Brandli took the reins of the presidency in the fall of 1981, after an unsuccessful coup that would have made “Fox on the Run” the national anthem. Beating back opposition in a series of actions that would have made the Medici feel like buzz kills, Brandli took over the presidency. Through skillful manipulation of her image and protected by a phalanx of bodyguards, Brandli has held onto power for these twenty eight years.

Today we honor president Darby Brandli for guiding the organization through times of boom and bust for bluegrass and old time music. Thank you Madame President!

Your pal,
Mark Varner
Posted:  2/16/2009

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