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I wonder...
Finally, itís starting to get cold in the mornings. We still havenít had any moisture, but we are getting the lower temperatures. Good, Iím glad itís cold. Itís about time. I say that now because itís only been cold for a short period of time. Iím willing to bet you that my outlook will change before long. By the end of January, when itís been ten degrees every morning for quite some time, and Iím scraping a quarter inch of ice off the windshield again, Iíll probably be whining about it being cold.

Sound familiar? During the winter we whine because itís too cold; we want it to be warmer. In the summer we whine because itís too hot; we want it to be cooler. ďWhy,Ē We ask ourselves, ďcanít we live where the temperature is nice all year? Isnít there a place like that on this earth?Ē Sure there is! Itís called... San Diego. Keep in mind that our desire for a moderate climate is neither new, nor is it original. There have been millions of people longing for exactly the same thing for many years, and guess what? All those millions of people heard about San Diego and moved there; all of them. So what do we do? We whine that San Diego is too crowded.

Several years ago, my wife and I went fishing with some other folks in British Columbia. On our way home we decided to stop off at the Bouchard Gardens to see the sights. What a beautiful place with its wide variety of flora and fauna. At one point we stopped and I looked around slowly and thought, ďMan, this would be an awesome place if all these people werenít here!Ē

Contemplating these thoughts brought me to the point of todayís entry. Things that make you wonder encompass anything that makes you shake your head or roll your eyes. Stuff that happens around you and you just canít figure ďwhyĒ they would happen, or what would possess someone to do them. Things that people do that simply make you chuckle. Obviously it would take reams of paper and a lifetime of typing to cover everything, so Iíll just hit on a few.

First, I would like to touch on my number one thing that makes me wonder. There I am, standing at the counter of any fast food restaurant, and someone walks to the counter. When the counter person is ready, the customer orders a triple patty burger with everything on it, a super-sized fries, and a diet Coke. A DIET Coke!? Are they serious? Between the burger and the fries there has got to be eighty thousand calories on the counter, and the customer thinks that by saving one hundred calories that the fat cells are not going to collect at their waistline. Buddy, donít worry about it. Youíre already going to consume enough calories to run the 101st Airborne Rangers for the next two weeks: get the full strength soda!

Do you drive a car? Does it have a speedometer? Obviously the answers are yes, but, what is the maximum speed you can get according to your speedometer? One hundred miles per hour? On hundred forty miles per hour? I donít know how fast you can drive in your state, here itís seventy miles per hour. OK, I have a vehicle capable of traveling one hundred forty miles per hour: why? If I go any faster than seventy miles per hour Iíll get a ticket, so why put the temptation there to begin with? Does anyone really think that some day the highway commission will suddenly proclaim that from now on we can drive as fast as our cars can go?

Laws are a necessity. Some are better than others, but what about this one: in Chico, California, there is a city ordinance that says a fine of $500 will be levied against anyone who detonates a nuclear device within the city limits. So, if I build a nice nuclear warhead in my garage, throw it in the back of the truck and drive to down town Chico, set it off and destroy everything in a ten mile radius itíll only cost me $500? I wonder: who is going to collect the fine? Did you know that in Palm Springs it is illegal to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive between the hours of four and six oíclock PM? Why? In Los Angeles itís against the law to hunt moths under a street light. Itís OK to take a late night stroll, but leave the fly swatter at home. Now really, who came up with all this stuff?

Ever want to fill a prescription at Rite Aid on a Sunday? Guess what: you canít, theyíre closed. Do people only get sick and need medication Monday Ė Saturday? How come I canít get a prescription filled on a Sunday: I can buy illegal drugs any day of the week.

So, what can you do with this new awareness? You can have some fun with it. Pay attention to what goes on around you, question the necessity of it, and laugh at its absurdity. Enjoy your day.
Posted:  12/9/2008

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