Author: Lange, David

A Christmas Poem
This will be my last “3rd Sunday” Welcome Column. I hope to fill an occasional gap when a column is needed, but otherwise I am stepping aside. It has been a real privilege, and frankly quite humbling to work along side the other Welcome Columnists, who are such awesome writers.

I would like to begin today’s column by saying a few words for our troops that are stationed here and abroad. I have often wondered if somewhere, perhaps in a very remote location, one of our enlisted men or women is visiting the CBA web site. Maybe they are a bluegrass musician or fan, or maybe they were doing a search for
a …… CPA … and accidently ended up here. In either case, if you are military and are visiting us today, I know I speak on behalf of the California bluegrass community when I say THANK YOU for the incredible sacrifice you and your families are making for our country, particularly during these holidays. God Bless you, and God Bless America.

Next, I have written a Christmas poem for the column today …… Here goes…

To write for you has been an honor,
And now before I am a goner,
A poem for you, my bluegrass friends,
I hope you like it, up to the end
There’s snow outside, the stove’s a blaze,
The kids are counting down the days,
No better time to make a rhyme,
For once again, it’s Christmas time
This time more special than before,
See the lines at the Dollar Store
May not get what you requested,
“It’s the thought that counts”
May soon be tested
But these tough times, without a doubt,
Bring out what Christmas is really about
The Christmas spirit has no price tag
It can’t be bought; won’t fit in a bag
It’s in our words, and our deeds
That mostly serve others needs
For there are things that have no cost,
Create some memories with the ones you love,
Remember those that we have lost,
If bluegrass content, you thought I’d missed
Well that’s a comin’ so don’t get ……….
For holidays without music
Would sure be wrong
So tighten them strings and play a song!
See some folks
And stay a while
Till all the drink is drunk
And you’re flat on the tile
Ok, ok that’s over the top,
How about just a quick stop
Long enough to bring a smile
No better gift, than a bluegrass riff

Oh, and, should probably do a plug here….
So….. let’s see……. Need another rhyme…
Oh ya… here we go…
If you still need a stocking filler….
A Fathers Day Ticket is always a thriller! (Early Bird price at that!).
And whether young and restless, or old and senile……….
All will love the Mercantile!

Have a wonderful holiday!
David Lange
Posted:  12/21/2008

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