Author: Varner, Mark

Cutting a demo
Like many bluegrass pickers in the CBA I belong to a band. That's just how bluegrass people are. The bands usually don't get rich or famous but it's fun to play gigs at coffee houses and small festivals. For one thing it really helps your playing to work out songs and practice with a band. And it's fun to hang out with your band mates because they become your friends too. A band is like a family. Sometimes you get along and sometimes you fight.

My band is OMGG. This is a band with pickers like Nate Schwartz, Max Schwartz, and myself, with the amazing singing of AJ Lee. We all bring something different to the band. We all got together at the Grass Valley festival in 2007. We've played at small festivals, shows for military veterans and farmers markets. We play traditional, gospel and edgy music from such bands as the String Dusters and Cadillac Sky. We all usually get along too.

Of course for any for any band to get gigs they have to show the people doing the booking that they are good. A band has to put together a package with a band picture and a demo CD. Since our band has not recorded a real CD we knew we had to record a demo CD. We decided our demo would have 5 songs. The songs we picked were Free of You, He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good, Walkin’ the Dog, 3x5, and Blackberry blossom. I didn't agree with putting Blackberry Blossom on our demo. I wanted to do You Again, a Cadillac Sky song, but what are you going to do. This is one of the few times we had ever argued but we have to do it sometimes.

My dad and I just happened to have a neighbor who is setting up a recording studio in the old post office in Boulder Creek. Our neighbor Barry agreed to record for us to break in his new studio. He had a bunch of mikes all hooked up to a computer. It was really interesting to see what sound looked like on the computer.
Next Barry will mix the tracks. I can't wait to hear how it sounds. I hope this demo CD gets us gigs.

- Martin Duffey Varner
Posted:  10/28/2008

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