Author: Varner, Mark

Big Sur Sunday
Big Sur is beautiful already as is, but with a bluegrass festival it is even more amazing than usual. This campground wasn't that big but every part of the campground was stunning. But enough about the campground letís talk about the music.
This festival had such names as: Cactus Bob, Yodeling Lady Lolita, Diana Donnelly, Eddie DuCommun, and my favorite Wake Frankfield.
Each artist had its own specific genre of bluegrass like cowboy music from Lone Prairie, modern music from Jimmy Chickenpants, and insanity from Frank Wakefield.
This was a very fun festival and everybody hoped it wouldn't end. Everybody was dancing, listening, relaxing, and having fun. The weather was cold but nobody even cared because it was so exciting. I was only there for the 19th but I heard from many people that the 18th was the best. The bands included: Lone Prairie, Harmony Grits, Diana Donnelly, and Frank Wakefield all in the same day. I wished I was there.
But Sunday was fun because Frank Wakefield had a workshop which I highly enjoyed. I got to play with him on stage with the other mandolin players including Frank. We played Golden Slippers and Skip To My Lou. Everybody had a fun time on stage and played their best. Frank did his usual schtick, playing in your ear and playing breaks that sound like mistakes to us but in the end are awesome. In Frankís backward talking I would say: This is a bad mandolin player that is not as good as me and I hated it. Thatís backwards, btw. Really I hope I could do it again with him soon!
The weak spots of this festival were minor but were there. The first was that it was very cold and windy. The most important problem there was that you had to walk up about 70 stairs to get some ice cream which was extremely expensive. I had a double scoop that cost $5.78! That was the only thing that I mainly didn't like in my opinion but you have to take the bad with the good.
Now you've heard about I think the last festival of the year and how much fun it was. From Frank Wakefield to Lone Prairie this was a astounding festival that put my expectations to shame. This was a cool festival which I hope I can go to next year with all of you that didn't go this year. You're all welcome.

Marty Varner
Posted:  10/19/2008

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