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Cadillac Sky's new album
Dear friends,

My kids are back in school today. Sigh. Sure is nice having them around during the summertime, but the world keeps turning. Late last week we had the Schwartz kids, Max and Nate, over to play music and have fun for a couple of days. Their band, with Marty and AJ Lee, is called OMGG and boy are they ever coming along! I was amazed by their sound and how polished their entire presentation has become, including very complex and stylish arrangements. They sound a LOT like Cadillac Sky. No surprise that when the new Cadillac Sky album came out last week they wanted to spend their allowance on buying a copy. My son Marty wrote this review of the new album.

Cadillac Sky Gravity’s Our Enemy

Gravity’s Our Enemy is Cadillac Sky’s new CD and is the best of all of the “new grass” CDs I’ve heard. It has great songwriting, great instrumentalists and amazing vocals. This album just blew my mind the first time I heard it. It has great modern sounding songs and is at the top with bands like the Infamous Stringdusters and the Greencards. One thing no other new grass band has is the great vocals of Bryan Simpson and Mike Jump or the masterful banjo playing of Matt Menefee.

The songwriting is phenomenal with great songs like Inside Joke, Goodbye Story, Everybody’s Favorite and It Won’t Be Over You. But all of the songs are great. Their instrumentals are not quite up to the usual Cadillac Sky quality but the songs make up for it.

This album has already made a huge impression on my band, OMGG because all of us love Cadillac Sky and we were already working on some their new material. We can’t tell you what but we are working on using some Cadillac Sky material for OMGG.

Compared to their last album it is better but not by much because they are so consistent with their great songs. But with no questions asked it is one of my favorite albums of all time with the drive and power of their songs and I am looking at an IBMA Album of the Year nomination or maybe a Song of the Year. I just can’t get enough of Gravity’s our Enemy. I listen to it in the car, in my room and everywhere else. I officially am obsessed with this album. I can’t wait for the next!

My favorite song is Inside Joke about a boy that goes to prom and people laugh but he doesn’t know why and neither do we. They never let us in on the “joke”. Everybody’s Favorite is a song that teaches that it’s not always the best to be pretty and the center of attention. That is the 2nd creepiest song but Bible by the Bed actually made me scared and made me cry for the girl in the song. That song was amazing and could be song of the year in my opinion. Even they sound cheerful. It Won’t Be Over You and Goodbye Story are songs that are about a boy or girl leaving. The cool thing about Goodbye Story is that it kind of sounds like a rock song. And It Won’t be Over You sounds like a blues song with a little bit of modern twist which I really enjoyed. As I will say again, this is one the best CDs ever. Just buy it and you will see what I mean.

Marty Varner
Posted:  8/28/2008

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