Author: Cornish, Rick

My friend JD

This being the fifth Tuesday of the month I figured I’d grab another of our classic Welcomes, (yesterday’s was a doozy, George, I’m sorry for missing the end of it), but I’ve decided against that because I have something I want to say to you. It won’t be a long Welcome column…certainly not one of the “classics” that’s for sure…but hopefully some will read these words and, of those, perhaps a few will be moved to action.

I didn’t know JD Rhynes before I ran for the CBA board of directors, really, had never even spoken to the man despite the fact that we’d been attending the same Association events for nearly thirty years. I don’t have to tell anyone that the old geezer is a larger-than-life character, nor that I’ve been called the same on more than a few occasions. I believe that’s probably the reason he and I had never cozied up to one another…it’s just common knowledge that if you get more than one person at a time spouting all that hot air public safety is compromised.

Anyways, JD Rhynes and I met about fifteen years ago and nearly from that first conversation, the gist of which I have absolutely zero recollection, we became fast friends. In all those years I doubt that two weeks have gone by without one of us calling the other. For all his larger-than-life faults, and for all mine, over the years we’ve nonetheless found enough reasons to love one another.

So here’s what I have to say—please give some thought to helping make JD’s cookbook project happen. In other words, give some thought to pledging money to the Kickstarter campaign. My old friend would dearly love to see his twenty-five years of monthly cooking columns crystalized into a single volume. It would be, he told me, something he could leave behind, and that was good enough for Lynn and I to contribute.
Posted:  7/30/2014

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