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What Randy Says

I first met Randy Pitts over the telephone, he in his Nashville booking agency office, me in my company car talking on my company phone on company time about hiring one of his acts for the Fathers Day Festival. Some would say a less than conducive way to begin a friendship, but began it did and Im glad for it because, him being my friend I can ask for an occasional favor and thats just what I did. I asked Randy to write a bit about our JDs Bluegrass Kitchen Kickstarter project and heres what I got

I'd like to add my voice to the growing chorus of bluegrass friends and lovers of the genre--and specifically the northern California brand of that genre--to support of a far reaching and unique project containing the philosophy, ruminations, and recipes of one JD Rhynes, the resident wit, raconteur, and gourmand of the bluegrass crowd in northern California, and the the sage of the Sierra foothills. It's called JD's Bluegrass Kitchen and Cookbook, and it is projected to contain many of JD's mouthwatering recipes from the last twenty five years or so gathered in one place, along with drool worthy photos, and perhaps best of all, an accompanying CD containing appropriate bluegrass songs and tunes by many favorites who have appeared over the years at The California Bluegrass Association's annual Father's Day Weekend held yearly since 1976 at the Nevada City Fairgrounds. I attended my first festival in 1977, and continue to make the trek--I now live in Tennessee--as often as I can. JD has been in every festival I've attended and every one I haven't as well. He is a colorful, if sometimes windy fellow with a rich history in and out of the music, and has devoted much of his time the last 40 years to making sure the CBA and it's festival would be a going concern, and now, with the publication of this cookbook and accompanying recording, he's making sure of that for years to come, since all profits from the project after expenses have been covered will go to the furtherance of the organization and the festival. I'm no webhead, but you can find details of how to contribute by going to The California Bluegrass Association website,( and becoming a Facebook friend yourself)--probably the finest of it's kind in existence--and find out the details of how to donate and just what you'll receive...I'm told time is growing short, so git the hitch out of your gitalong and commence to he'pin'. And next time you see him, have JD relate the story of how his old pal Vern Williams was presented with a bill for the three hundred baby chicks on an adjoining property whose expiration was hastened by his powerful singing in a jam session at which JD was present. I myself intend to donate in the hope that the cookbook includes a color photo of the succulent bunkhouse chili JD described so well in one of his newsletter columns that I actually purchased a cast iron dutch oven of the kind JD recommended in order to cook that very chili...maybe seeing such a photo will get me to take the thing out of the box, at least...even if I don't, the music is bound to be great...
Posted:  7/22/2014

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