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JD’s Cookbook Project

Folks, we’re beginning to sound like a PBS fundraiser by exhortation, brow beating, begging, challenging, demanding, asking, and bribing you to contribute to the JD Rhynes Cookbook project. All I have to say is just go do it!.

For those of you that might not be aware of the project here’s the lowdown: JD Rhynes, one of our bigger-than-life founders, graciously allowed us compile some of his extensive collection of cooking articles and tall tales published in the Bluegrass Breakdown. We have an experienced editor producing the cookbook, a professional photographer donating his time and advice, and several internationally known Bluegrass musicians that will cut a CD to accompany the cookbook. The idea here is for the revenues from sales of the cookbook and CD to help with our fundraising for the CBA and would allow us, for example, to undertake more bluegrass music educational projects.

But, projects like this take money to get off the ground and we are trying a relatively new approach to raising seed money for production and printing…..using crowd source funding through Kickstarter! We have a goal of raising $10,000 seed money and we currently have 60 backers that have pledged a total of $3,890. Here’s the kicker! We only have another 21 days to raise the remaining $6, 110 to make this project happen. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, there is something else you need to know….if we don’t raise the $10,000 by 8:28 AM Monday August 11, then all that pledged money returns to the backers, the cookbook project goes away, and we lose the opportunity to honor JD Rhynes. Folks did I mention that JD is on board with this and even did a web interview discussing the project that you can view through the Kickstarter web site ( For those of you that don’t like conducting transactions over the net, we have a workaround! Contact Darby Brandli at or better yet, send her a check at Darby Brandli, 2106 9th Avenue Oakland, CA 94606, and she will make the donation for you.

There’s really no excuse for not doing this……you can donate any amount, but we do have some recommended contribution levels that come with some sweeteners (it’s a cookbook…get it!).

If you pledge $25 you get a copy of the cookbook and CD when they are published. For a $50 dollar pledge you get the cookbook autographed by JD and the CD autographed by one of the musicians! A $100 pledge gets you all the above and 3 extra CDs….gift inspiration? Now if you go whole hog, and pledge $500 then you get all that plus you get invited backstage at the 2015 Father’s Day Festival with JD and the CD recording artists, and JD hisself will autograph the cookbook on the spot and might even tell you a tall tale in the process.

So here I am on a Sunday morning with the contribution plate in hand………please help us support this project to honor JD and help us expand our mission to promote and educate bluegrass, old time, and gospel music.

Again the Kickstarter link is:

Get yourself over there and check out the interview with JD.

Posted:  7/20/2014

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