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Valuable Volunteers
May 2008 Presidentís Message

The California Bluegrass Association is an all volunteer organization. The elected Directors and appointed Officers all have year round responsibilities and some of these jobs are huge. The organization would wither and die without our committed and talented volunteers.

I have been in close contact recently with some of these unsung volunteers and want to take a moment this month to thank them and introduce some to you. The elected Board of Directors work tirelessly on your behalf and there are others, not known to most of you, who work equally hard year round to serve the mission of the CBA.

Rosanna Young is Volunteer Coordinator and works year round to make certain the Fatherís Day Festival volunteers are lined up each year. Rosanna also plans and produces the wonderful Volunteer Thank You Potluck held Wednesday night before the beginning of the FDF. Without Rosannaís commitment and organizational abilities, the festival could not occur.

Carolyn Faubel is the Membership VP and receives, processes and inputs all CBA memberships into our data base. Carolyn submits a monthly membership report to the Directors each month. An accurate and up to date membership list is essential to our organization and Carolyn does a great job.

Russell Loop is our Entertainment Coordinator and super organizer. Russ is in contact with all the bands performing at our festival and helps with travel arrangements and determines the schedule. Russ is also in charge of the backstage area during the entire festival. The festival entertainment and stage run without a hitch because of the enormous amount of planning done by Russ.

Larry Baker lines up our concessions and organizes all their locations. The merchandise booths, association booths, luthiers tent and food vendors would not be there for all of us if not for Larry. Larry is responsible to make certain we have a wide variety of food to choose from and I certainly notice the improvement in choice since Larry has taken over this responsibility.

John Erwin (mail ticket sales) and Josh Micheals (e-Commerce) work year round to make certain these functions operate without a hitch for all our events. Thanks guys.

Dave Zimmerman stood up to the plate this year and developed our brand new Fatherís Day Festival website Dave is also the Coordinator for the Vernís stage and is busy in the San Francisco area organizing bluegrass events.

Ed Alston is our Treasurer, truly a thankless job. Ed lives on the South Coast and drives up to most events in the Northern part of the State. The Treasurerís job can only be held by someone with impeccable credentials, which Ed definitely has, and he makes an enormous contribution to our organization.

The Web Team invisibly keeps up our well visited website. Very visible are the columnists whose jobs are never ending but the photo site run by Ken Reynolds, the calendar kept up by Suzanne Denison, the bands section run by Grant Johnston, the Kids on Bluegrass page managed by Sharon Elliott and Jill Cruey, the Links section maintained by Bill Downs, the Radio Grass section managed by Darla Novak and Recorded Music by George Ireton are essential components of our successful cbaontheweb project. The web team had huge challenges this year and deserves our gratitude. Rick Cornish should be issued a crown for the hours he has spent protecting our website and developing an advertising base that pays for the maintenance of the site and brings more visitors to it.

Robert Thomas wears multiple hats for the CBA as State Wide Activities VP and Controller/Director of Operations. Bob organizes our campouts and helps with the coordination of our Area VPs. Bob and his team (Valerie Cornejo and Dan Bernstein) are also the watchdogs of the Association and make certain deadlines are kept, budgets are developed and adhered to and that we remain as transparent to our membership as possible.

Mark Varner works tirelessly to produce our award winning Bluegrass Breakdown and to recruit advertisers, make certain the printers both print and mail the paper and to make us proud we belong to such a high profile bluegrass association. Job well done Mark.

The Directors are my heroes and work tirelessly to support the mission of our organization. The festival volunteers, the concert volunteers, the Area Activities VPs, the volunteers who participate for specific events keep us a year round organization. The job of you, our members, is to introduce your friends and neighbors to the music and to attend our events. Without our loyal membership base we would have no organization and the music would fade.
Posted:  5/2/2008

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