Author: Campbell, Bruce

Grass Valley Looms Large

I have been watching the announcements. I saw the lineup growing. I saw the same things you all see.

This was the first year in a while that I wasnít intimately involved in the Fatherís Day Festival planning. And, even though I had had enough of being on that fast train for a while, I did miss watching the awesome, converted effort that makes it all happen.

Some of it begins in October of the previous year, when acts at IBMA are evaluated and considered. Some starts earlier than that, with networking at the previous Fatherís Day Festival. There are always negotiations and planning directly with the venue, many months in advance.

The enormous, complex job of mounting this festival is broken up, but every piece is so important. There has to a place for the thing, right? There has to be bands. There has to be things to eat, places to camp, places to jam, things to drink and people have to use the restroom. Somebody has to create the demand for tickets, someone has to take the tickets at the gate.

Some folks have to be the go-to people during the festival for anything that crops up. Some folks have to keep an eye on things. Someone has to negotiate the contractswith all the bands, and make sure they get paid. Someone has to collect the money from the tickets, and from concessions. Someone has to organize and handle the concessioners.

The most amazing part is, nearly all the work that goes into this amazing event (now for the 39th time!) is done by volunteers! The level of experience, and expertise brought to bear is of a type that could costs tens of thousands of dollars but these amazing volunteers do it,

Most do it for more than a year. Most do it for more than 5. Some do it for decades. During my tenure on the CBA Board, I saw a certain amount of turnover, and great pains were taken to ensure the level of service never dipped as the baton got passed.

CBA members - we are truly blessed. Sometimes, itís easy to forget it. Little things can irk us, or certain details may nettle. But come the middle June, as you approach the piney environs of the Nevada County Fairgrounds, it all comes flooding back. Take the time to enjoy yourselves fully, and take time to consider the huge number of moving parts that work like a Swiss watch to make this all happen, year after year!

Posted:  5/21/2014

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