Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items or Less

Item 1: “I never said most of the things I said.” Y. Berra
Only in Turlock: Two men were recently arrested for engaging in a fist fight in a fast food parking lot. When questioned what they were fighting about the men explained that the fight was over what states bordered Oklahoma.

Item 2: “ You can observe a lot by watching.” Y. Berra
“It’s a small world after all.” In 1987 I began my stint as a substitute teacher in Turlock. At the time I was willing to teach in all the schools in hopes of becoming visible and teachers would ask for me. One of the schools I spent a lot of time at, Wakefield, had a friendly staff and even though it was located on the “rough side of town” the teachers and aides made it a friendly place to teach.

After frequent visits to the school I became friendly with many of the teachers and teacher aides. There was one particular aide who was always smiling and would greet me with a warm hello and smile. Being the forgetful type I don’t think I ever committed her name to memory.

A couple of weeks ago in my Weight Watcher class I saw one of the aides who had always been friendly to me sitting in a chair just a few rows away. We nodded and then I blurted out, “Are you still at Wakefield?” She responded with “No, I’m retired” and introduced her husband to me who was sitting at her side. We both smiled and nodded and waited for the meeting to begin.

After the meeting, we began talking about bluegrass music and found out that her son is Gary Vessel of Red Dog Ash. If you are familiar with Red Dog Ash you know that Gary is a luthier, runs a music shop in Modesto, and writes the lyrics for some of the music for the group. I was floored. Only in Turlock.

Item 3: “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” Y. Berra The Super Bowl is over and I don’t know what was more boring the game itself or the commercials. Mr. Bobby Dylan made an appearance hawking American made cars which had the purists crying “Foul” but the unions giving a high five to the legend.
For those who call themselves football fans">fans they are well aware that the real Super Bowl occurred in Seattle two weeks ago when my beloved 49ers came within a set of fingertips of winning the rights to beat Denver in New Jersey.

Item 4: ”You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.” Y. Berra. Speaking of New Jersey... A word to the wise. You don’t ever want to publicly say you had no knowledge about a certain event. No matter who you are or who you know, someone is going to find out and make you say things like, “Well no one told me specifically but I may have heard about it from someone.” Only in politics....

Item 5:” A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” Y Berra. Our neighbors Bob and Lisa took Sheila and me to a crab feed put on by the Portuguese Pentecost Society last Saturday. Tickets were a steep $45 and two thousand (2,000) were sold within five days after going on sale.

We got to the hall where the dinner was being held and got in a somewhat long line and waited 45 minutes before being seated. We dined on crab, french bread,shrimp,mussels,salad and wine. The hall was literally packed like sardines in a tin. Long tables were stretched out in the hall each with about 100 hungry diners per table. There was a smile on every face and the garlic hung like Turlock tule fog over the crowd.

We left a bit after seven and were greeted with a line of about three hundred folks waiting to take our place at the tables. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think I will talk to these folks to get involved in throwing a shindig for the bluegrass community. Nothing says success like success and these folks got it right.

Item 6: “ If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be.” Y. Berra. I spoke to Jason Winfrey about the first show at the West Side Theater last week. He said the show was a success and that is good news. I am hoping to go to one of the next three shows. I am scheduled for cataract surgery which will hopefully enable me to see and drive a vehicle safely at nighttime. Getting old is not all it is cracked up to be.

Item 7: “When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it.” Y. Berra. My sister Maria Nadauld (Above the Bay booking) spent a couple of days at the 48 hour Bakersfield marathon and relayed to me that it too was a success.In fact it was so successful that Mr. Cornish took my sister and her friend out to a rather nice dinner at a restaurant that actually had white linen table cloths. Say what you will about Rick but he doesn’t scrimp when it comes to enjoying and splurging for a fine dinner.

Item 8: “ This Sunday Sheila and I are hosting a birthday party for our grandson and granddaughter, ages five and one. Nothing is sweeter and warmer than watching your grandchildren enjoying their very own birthday party. The sad thing is that the time goes by so swiftly with the grand children. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Until March and good ol’ St. Patrick: Read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, eat a bar of chocolate, and write your initials in a tree.

Posted:  2/7/2014

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