Author: McNeal, Brian

How Bright Do You Want Your World To Be?

The CBA (California Bluegrass Association) is doing a tremendous job at making sure you stay “in the know” and current on the topics of the day in the bluegrass world.

Right on the CBA landing page you'll see our Prescription Bluegrass News Ticker scrolling away day after day with the headlines along with a link to click if you should want to read the full story on anything that scrolls by. You'll also find news items from several other sources that pop up in that spot on a rotation basis. This means that if you don't see our news ticker right away, just try refreshing your browser a few times.

But how you get your news is not as important as the fact that you do get it. If you read any bluegrass news source on a daily basis you're probably in the minority … or so it seems to me. Everywhere I go, I ask people what they think about something that is a current news topic. Most of the time, the reply back is something like, “I didn't know! …What happened? …Where did you hear that? …”and on and on. The point is that whomever I happen to be speaking with is in the dark about what is happening within the bluegrass world and I find that a hard concept to understand.
We live in a plethora of input from sources in every nook and cranny of our world. We can't drive down a street without being informed of something. We can't read our email or watch a video without getting subliminal messages. But these are not necessarily the type of information bits that we might choose if we had that call. These are the messages that color our world – often in a negative fashion. It's no wonder we have darkness and strife.

I can always remember the story of the young man who put down everything he had to buy a used car that wasn't much to look at with it's rust and dents and missing parts and it took just about everything he could earn on a daily basis to maintain it in running order just so he could get back to work the next day. Then one day as he was driving to work, late from oversleeping, he skipped breakfast and forgot to shave and just as he was feeling pretty glum about his life he noticed a sign on a new car dealer's lot that said: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU DRIVE!” Imagine his mental state at that point. Why go to work at all?!? Why not just drive right off the edge of the world and say goodbye.

Anything we see, hear or read shapes our mood and our attitude. So it becomes even more important that we source out the type of news we want to color our world rather than just letting anything creep in. It becomes a lot more than just staying current on the news topics of the day. It's all about keeping our mental balance in check and allowing ourselves to “Keep On The Sunny Side.” Fortunately for us in the bluegrass world it is seldom that we get news of disaster or calamity. Most of the time, the sunny side we also may view.

So how do you get your bluegrass news? Do you actively go seeking the news by logging into one of the news sources? Do you subscribe to a list serve or regular newsletter from a daily source? Local and national bluegrass associations who publish monthly newsletters are good for what they are, but so often the content is really no longer news by the time it reaches us. A better source for news would be a daily or weekly subscription. Usually the dailies only include three or four stories and that makes it a quick and easy scan to determine if you need to read more detail or can browse on by.

Prescription Bluegrass offers two daily newsletters that include the headlines and leading paragraph of each story we post. You can choose to have your daily newsletter delivered morning or afternoon. We also publish and distribute a more in-depth weekly newsletter with headlines for every story posted during the preceding week. And, you always have the option of getting an automatic email sent directly to you for every story we post just as soon as it is up on the page. We have all of the links for signing up conveniently located at just click on SUBSCRIBE on the menu bar.

Thanks for reading our news! Now let us greet with a song of hope today. Since we can't actually greet in person, I suggest listening to any of the following songs by anyone you happen to like:

Take It Easy
Here Comes The Sun
Good Day Sunshine
Up Up and Away
I've Got Rhythm
What A Wonderful World
It's A Beautiful Morning
Try A Little Kindness
Happy Together

Have a great bluegrass day,
Brian McNeal,
Prescription Bluegrass Radio Host & Blog Editor

Posted:  1/25/2014

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