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Dear friends,

Happy New Year to you and your kin. Thanks for joining us on the CBA’s glorious website. I hope 2014 will find each and every one of you who appreciates this major feat of bluegrass/old time celebration and communication giving credit to the poobah of this site, Rick Cornish. He’s a large man, so carrying him around on our shoulders is a dubious proposition, but he’s not averse to hugs and praise. What an accomplishment this website is, and though he has countless minions volunteering their time to assist him, it’s Rick who is the Sun in this little model of the solar system we call California bluegrass on the web.

Likewise, looking back over this past year, I’m proud to say that the CBA’s board of directors has done a fine job keeping us going and moving us forward. They have ensured that us geezers have musical fun, through events and the community built by our paper and website. And just as important, they have focused in a big way on youth programs that will create a future where the music will play on and on. If my wonderful offspring are any example, this lifestyle is a path to becoming a good, smart and creative human being.

I encourage all parents to consider our music camp dedicated to educating musical youngsters. The CBA Youth Academy, a 4-day music camp for children 8-16, held on the Nevada County Fairgrounds during the Father's Day Festival, is registering now. Cost is a very reasonable $300 per child. Some scholarships are available, I understand. The Camp runs Wednesday through Saturday, June 11-14, 2014. Information on this website or call 510 735-6364.

I send out my personal appreciation to the leadership and members of this association for making my job as editor more than a pleasure; it’s such a big part of my life, for which I am very grateful. Folks sometimes tell me they know I have a “thankless job,” and while I typically enjoy wallowing if pity, this is just not accurate. I get so much feedback and support. I feel very appreciated.

Marty and I are looking forward to our first Great 48. It will be a blessing to hang out in a nice hotel and pick and visit. Hopefully my fingers will hold out, ha ha. Hope to see every one of you down in Bakersfield.

Hey! I’ve got actual news to impart! September 19-21 there WILL be a Bluegrassin’ in the Foothills in Plymouth. L+S Promotions have been weighing their options over the last couple of years and the thought of no Plymouth would be a sad one indeed. But rejoice and be sure and hang by your thumbs while we await the line up. You know it’ll be good, cause Sondra and Larry would guarantee nothing less.

Another thing coming up is Tim Edes’ South Bay event, a Night at the Grange. That happens Saturday, February 22 and features the western swing of the Quebe Sisters and the actual bluegrass of our own Central Valley Boys. While working on the event program I learned one of those facts that never ceases to tickle my funny bone. Did you know that the city of Morgan Hill is named for founder Hiram Morgan Hill? True fact.

Oh, as Columbo would say. There’s one more thing. I am so proud of my long time friend and musical genius, Luke Abbott, for being part of the great Keith Little’s new “Littleband”. How cool is that?

Your pal,
Mark Varner

Posted:  1/6/2014

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