Author: Campbell, Bruce

Merry Christmas!

How lucky am I, that I have the Wednesday column and Christmas just happens to fall on a Wednesday this year?

I reckon this column will be read by even fewer people that mid-week-of-Fatherís-Day Festival column. If you are reading this, I have two things to say:

1) Merry Christmas, and all that entails. In my worldview, the notion of a time of year when a huge portion of the world can wrap their arms around good tidings to all is priceless - regardless of the origin of the holiday. For those of you who are Christians, thanks for letting the rest of the world hijack your holiday a little bit - itís for a good cause!

2) Shame on you! Youíre online instead of hanging out with family? This is a time for real human contact - either in person, or a voice brought live to your ears over a phone. If thereís no family around you, then put a coat on, go out and find one. My bet is you wonít have to look far to find a group of people who will welcome you into their warm home and share fun, laughter and music with you!

This is our first Christmas without my mother, who passed away this year. It is poignant - nobody loved Christmas more than her. All the stuff we like to complain about - the commercialism, the shopping, the crowds, the hassles - she loved it all. So this is a gift she gave us that will last as long as we live, and we are passing it onto our kids, and our grandkids.

This is a time for hope, which is something we are entitled to. Believe it, and teach everyone else to believe in it too - and the world will be saved.

Merry Christmas!
Posted:  12/25/2013

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