Author: Sargent, Geoff

The Makings Of An Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to our CBA Music Camp, modesty is not one of my strong points! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of our Directors and teachers and volunteers and students and I can only hint at how excited I am about our 2014 Music Camp; the whole shebang is one of those experiences that adds up to more than the individual parts. Last month, Peter Langston and Janet Peterson kicked off the run up to the 2014 music camp with our Gift Registration Program, and it is not too late to give the gift of Music Camp before registration officially opens in February. There is more information on the Gift Registration Program in the December Breakdown, or at (please note that this is the correct web address for the Gift Registration). This is the first year we are offering an early Gift Registration and hope that it will prove to be a popular way to give the gift of Music Camp for the holiday season, or even later in the year for other celebrations.
Even though the CBA Music Camp runs for only 4 days in June, it is the product of 12 months worth of planning, advertising, marketing, budgeting, emails, conference calls, site visits, board meetings, problem solving, a few sleepless nights, annoyed spouses and partners, juggling schedules, many bottles of antacid, coffee, tea, sodas, and bags of potato chips. And for me at least, it is all worth it for those 4 magical days. If you do attend Music Camp this year, take a look around and check out the classroom sites and how chairs and tables magically seem to appear, don't you ever wonder how all that tab ends up in your teacher's hands just in time for class, and isn't it interesting how jams just seem to happen “spontaneously” and at scheduled times? I am sure few folks think about how those chairs, tables, EZ-UPs, signs, and sun shades get put away. The answer isn't too hard to imagine and if you look closely you will see a small army of volunteers, official and unofficial, setting up, moving, taking down, and even instigating music. For many of us, music camp begins on the Saturday before Camp and ends late Sunday afternoon, 8 days later, after the festival is over. Much of the Camp equipment is used at the Father's Day Festival and we have to stay for the final packing and help stage that equipment for storage. It is a big production and relies on the goodwill and hard work of the Music Camp volunteers. I would ask that you take a minute when at Camp and thank them, and Peter and Janet for their hard work.

Music Camp 2014 is shaping up to be another good one. Peter just sent me a preliminary list of teachers we will have and boy oh boy what an exceptional group. We can't tell you exactly what they will be teaching yet, but here goes, our teachers will include: Annie Staninec, Bill Evans, Blaine Sprouse, Chris Henry, Geff Crawford, Greg Booth, Jack Tuttle, Jim Nunally, John Mailander, John Reischman, Joseph Decosimo, Karen Celia Heil, Kathy Kallick, Keith Little, Laurie Lewis, Luke Richardson, Masha Crawford, Mike Witcher, Molly Tuttle, Pat Cloud, Sharon Gilchrist, and Tom Rozum, with maybe a few more to announce later. There is so much talent here that I don't see how we are going to be able to accommodate all the potential students that would want to attend, so get a guaranteed place for registration by purchasing a Gift Registration (and I wouldn't blame you if you gifted yourself) or take your chances when registration opens in February. Now pay attention, this is important, keep a close eye on our Music Camp website at for more breaking news, for the teaching assignments and for updates on the full registration in February. If you have other questions, please contact us at Keep on jamming and I hope to see ya'll at Music Camp, the CBA Spring Campout, and The Great 48.

Posted:  12/15/2013

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