Author: Rhynes, J.D.

Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah Welcome Message

In my 75+ years of life I have been witness to several miracles, but
today marks a miracle of time that I will never see again, not in
this life on earth. It was pointed out in the news last night, that
today is the first day that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah have fell on
the same day since the late 1800s. It also pointed out that they
will never coincide again on the same day for the next 76,000 years.
We should live so long. It is my personal opinion that God is trying
to tell us something. What that is I cannot say, but I know that in
due time it will manifest itself. It always has and always will.
That is my personal opinion. As the saying goes, if you want to make
God laugh, tell him your plans.

I am sure that most of you have heard the saying concerning 6 of
separation between the events of history, and people and places we
know. Today's message is such a story that started back in the 1930s
with a friend of mine, Kenny Noble. After Kenny got out of high
school, he went to work for a timber company that was cutting timber
on Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain is a magnificent mountain of 6600
feet elevation and it is due east of West Point, California about
eight or 10 miles. That was Kenny's first paying job operating the
heavy equipment they used back then, a profession he followed all of
his working life. Kenny was kind of the unofficial County historian
for the West Point area, and he published three or four small volumes
of stories concerning the history of Calaveras County, and West Point
in particular. Back in the 1930s and 40s Blue Mountain was especially
known for the quality of its bear hunting. Probably one of the most
famous bear hunters that frequented the area back then was none other
than the country vocalist Stuart Hamblin. Kenny related the story to
me of the time that Stuart chanced upon an old dilapidated cabin way
back in the woods, and how he found the remains of the old man that
lived there inside the cabin. Kenny said that was what gave Stuart
the idea to write the hit song, "This Old House". Well, as my friend
Ron Thomason would say, told you that to tell you this.

In the fall of 1980 when I was playing with the Vern Williams band,
we recorded the first of three albums that Vern would record with
Rose. One of the songs that Rose wanted to do on the album was the
Stuart Hamblin composition," This Old House". One of the lines in
that song goes like this; now my old hound dog doesn't know I'm
going to leave, else he'd lay there by the fireplace and howl and
grieve. We rehearsed the song two or three times, and every time
Rose would sing that line, the whole band would howl like a bunch a
hound dogs! I mean, we really raised the roof! So after about the
third rehearsal, our engineer Bob said; folks, let's lay one down,
so Keith kicked it off on the banjo and away we went. Well wouldn't
you know it, when Rose sang that line about the old hound dog laying
by the fireplace, the whole band never let out a peep! Rose stopped
right there, and said where's the hounds? Vern answered her back and
said; Rose, we didn't think you wanted the hounds. Rose said, I WANT
the hounds! So Vern said, if you want the hounds, you'll get the
hounds. Engineer Bob said take two, and Keith kicked her off again
and when we got to the hounds part, we raised the roof!! We done
that song in 1 1/2 takes. Rose was smiling from ear to ear, and we
really put our heart's into that song. After that take, Rose said
that's the way I like to hear hounds!!

So there you go folks, that's my take on 6 of separation involving
my friend Kenny Noble, his association with Stuart Hamblin, which
culminated finally, in 1980 with our recording of his composition of
the song"This Old House". Just think, this story all started in the
late 30s or early 40s, and finally has it's culmination on a day
which is absolutely a miracle in time, the like of which we will
never see for another 76,000 years. At least not in this life here
on this Earth. It really makes you wonder doesn't it? I know it does
me, and I was part of it.

Posted:  11/28/2013

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