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Titleless Tuesday
Dear friends,

Now that we’ve got Easter behind us we can turn our attention to the next major holiday: the CBA Spring Campout. It’ll be our second year at Turlock. Hopefully this year we can do it without the rain we had last year. The place itself was just fine and we all had a good ole campout in 2007.

They’ve got activities planned for us. At the risk of everyone getting mad at me, I’m going off the reservation and proclaiming the Campout duty free. I cannot speak for my young bluegrass pal Marty, who can be talked into just about anything by just about any of us, but I’m letting my lazy flag fly. I’m going to pick and chat and attend the gospel morning, other than that I am going to just lay around like a blob – at least after the dinner and concert on Friday night (thanks Mike!). Well, of course there is the monthly Board of Directors meeting to attend, but that’s not so bad. I usually have to drive four hours round trip to get to the meetings – this time I just have to roll out of my sleeping bag. In fact I think I’ll set up my tent next to the door of the meeting hall to avoid any extra leg work.

Yeppers, lazy. I get this way every month after the Bluegrass Breakdown goes to the printers. Holy moly, that thing is a bit of work. Hope everyone is enjoying it and if there’s something more or better we can do you’ll let us know. The monthly publication of the CBA is the work of an incredible collaboration. What a long and worthy list of contributors we have each month! And how about the new official photographer, Mike Melnyk’s work? Mike joins Bob Calkins in supplying us with artful shots that forever document the fun we’re having putting on bluegrass and old-time music in California. This month we continue Mike’s photo essay of SFBOT, as well as photos from the Somona County Bluegrass and Folk Festival.

The April issue of the Breakdown is available to download. (We’re encouraging all members to consider this option, please.) In many ways producing the Bluegrass Breakdown is a gloriously easy job. Case in point: last year I got all kinds of crazy articles and pix from Chuck Poling, Ted Silverman and Tom Tworek. I put them in what we called the “April Fools Issue”. Nothing less than a fire storm ensued. Especially egregious, though hardly the only troublesome text, was hard hitting and purely fictional news about financial misconduct by nameless persons at the highest level of the CBA leadership. The result was anger and loathing. So this year all I had to do to was simply NOT do an April Fools issue. As a result our readers can take pretty much everything in the April issue at face value and can attend events without being mauled by elderly ladies. Tra la la.

Your pal,
Mark Varner
Posted:  3/25/2008

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