Author: Rhynes, J.D.


(A revisit from the master of random thought.)

Fer SOME infernal reason, I have ALWAYS had this built in sub consious ALARM clock! When I go to bed, NO matter what time of the evening or early morning,I can tell meself to wake up at a certain time, and durned if'n I dont wake up about 2 to 3 minues BEFORE I want to! I dont care if it's an hour or 10 hours after I go to bed, BINGO! SHOW TIME! It has NEVER failed to wake me. A blessing or a curse? Who know's? When I was pickin' with Vern and the boys, I was always the one who got everbody up and movin' so we could get to a gig on time or on the road to home, er brekfuss, which is REALLY good at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Heck, as Vern was wont to say, I can eat brekfuss ANY time of the day! Ha ha ha! I remember the time we played fer the funeral fer Rose Maddox's son in Ashland, Oregon, and Keith had to catch a flight to Seattle the next AM at 6:00, so I got him up at 3:30. I woke up at 3:20, got up and turned on the coffee maker in our room, and yelled REVILLEEEE! Keith sat up in bed, looked at the alarm clock that hadn't gone off yet, and said, HOW in the hell do you do this? NOT knowin', I jes grinned and poured us a cup of "get out of bed and git it". I was reminded of this "internal" clock this morning when my Cowboy buddy Pat Russell had to leave fer San Angelo, Texas this morning, and I knew he would honk his horn fer several hundred yards before he go to my house to wake me, so sure enuff, at 2:50 AM I woke up and when I heard him coming down the hill I turned the front porch lite off and on about 6 times to let him know I was awake before he got here. [ Kinda takes alll of the fun out of it fer him! Ha ha ]

I remember one memorable time back in the late '90's when IBMA was held in Louisville, Kentucky. My fiddle playin' buddy Bruce Johnson and I were sharing a suite at the Galt House that year. I always got to the room around 2;00 Am, as I am an early riser by habit, and it's hard fer me to sleep over 6 hours due to a back injury. I've GOT to get up and start moving if I want to be able to do anything all day. So, I was usually up and showered, shaved, foo fooed up, and dressed by 10:00 AM. This paricular morniing as I was heading down to one of the luncheon showcase's I saw that Bruce's bed hadn't been slept in, so I jes figgered that he'd conked out in one of the"jam session" room's last nite. My internal clock always woke us up in plenty of time to get to the showcase luncheon's, so I gave it no more thought, that is fer about 20 seconds! When I went into the "living room" of our suite, I heard somone SNORING in the coat /linen closet therin. I opened the door, and LO AND BEHOLD there was my pal Bruce, sleepin' on a bed he made with all of the cushions from the chairs and sofa. I jes let the boy keep on sleepin', gently closed the door and left. Later that day, when I saw him I asked jes WHY he was sleepin' in the closet? He sez; I got into bed around daylite, and by then YOU were snoring like a HUGE BUZZ SAW, and I couldn't sleep, SO, I went into the front room, CLOSED the doors between us, made me a bed and went to sleep. We had a good laugh over that. BUT, as Paul Harvey would say that was NOT the rest of the story!

Well, I got to our room about 2:00 AM the next mornin', tired as a hound dog that's been chasin' prey fer all day. I knew that Bruce would get in a LOT later than me and I would be "sawin' log's" again when he got there, so I jes saved the boy a LOT of trouble, and went into the front room, got all of the chair and sofa cushions, some blankets from his bed, and fixed him a bed in the closet. Then I took all of the chairs and made a" fence" to guide him to the bed! Shore 'nuff, come the next AM, thar he was jes'a snorin' his head off! Later that day he thanked me fer fixin' his bed. We still laugh over that good memory. We've always thought of jes WHAT IN THE HELL the room maid was thinkin' when she was cleaning the room with Bruce sleeping in the closet? I fer one sure miss those fun filled day's and nites at the Galt House in Louavull, Ky.

Posted:  11/21/2013

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