Author: Campbell, Bruce

What MacArthur Said

There has been a lot of pressing items in the news lately. The Middle East, The Tea Party, Government Shutdown, wildfires, Miley Cyrus – it goes on and on. Way, WAY down on the list is the absence of my name on the ballot for the CBA Board Election. Several folks have noticed and asked me about it.

Compared to the Big Stories above, truly this is small potatoes. But for those that have asked, this is just a matter of real life intruding on the CBA duties I have taken on over the past few years. There’s no “split” from the CBA – I will continue to serve this fine organization in any way I can. I still believe strongly in the music and the message.

I would not have skipped this election if I haven’t seen a trend in recent years of new energy and intelligent minds coming onto the CBA Board of Directors. The strongfuture of the California Bluegrass Association is right in front of me (and you), and there is reason for real optimism.

In the overall scheme of things, I have been a lightweight. 5 or so measly years on the Board cannot compare to the decades of service that others have devoted. Unlike them, there were some nights I went to bed and did not even think of the CBA. For the years I was on the Board, I did bring whatever experience and skills I could muster, and tried to be a guy everyone could count on – the membership and fellow Board members.

Frankly, for me, it got to a point where my CBA duties collided with the obligations of a day job, a night job as a musician, and an around the clock job as a husband to a wonderful woman. So, for now, this year, at least something had to give.

The kind of people who can devote decades of service to the CBA are rare. But many of us can step up and immerse ourselves for a somewhat shorter length of time and make a real difference. There’s a tremendous amount of work to be done, with marvelous benefits to literally thousands of members. On the simplest side, please give of your time and your opinion to help choose the Board members. If you have more to offer, please give more and you can make a huge difference!
Posted:  10/16/2013

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