Author: Compton, Cliff

Brown Barn

I was taking a nap on the couch the other day with iTunes playing on the T.V. through the computer, and Iím off in dream land when I hear Bean Creek playing Dixie Darliní, and one eye half opens and it watches the T.V. as though itís really watching Pete Hicks playiní that fiddle when in actuality thereís not anything on the screen except four hundred song titles, and I go back to half sleep, and Iím thinking about brown barn, that festival in Gilroy where a good chunk of the people I know and love will be this weekend, and Iím smilingí in my sleep, because Bean Creek is gonna be playing there and I never get tired of that gritty music that smells like Ohio, ands feels like the antidote to a hard days work.

And Iíve never been there before. Always meant to go. Never did. Shame on me. Everytime I go to some bluegrass function over in that neck of the woods I manufacture some memory that enriches me keeps me breathing pixie dust for a couple of months.

And we are blessed, people. I tell you true. To have all these places to go, to be with like minded people who have the residue of Bill Monroeís creation flowing through their bloodstream. To awake to the sound of fiddles scratching and go to sleep to the sound of a thumping bass and four part gospel harmonies. To have friends that you pick with from one end of the state to the other. And so many opportunities. A new Festival in Lodi. A new Festival in Tracy. Plymouth, and Hollister, Blythe, and Boonville, Susanville, and Monmouth, Strawberry, Isleton, Bakersfield, Kings River, winter grass, scott valley, maybe Yreka next year, and the Big daddy of them all, Grass Valley, fathers day, Though the hardly strictly folks might dispute that. And Iím missing half a dozen more, not counting campouts, and friend gatherings and whatever. And how lucky are we anyway!

And Snap Jackson is gonna be playing,. And the Alhambra valley band, and Windy Creek, and Pinecrest, and the Central Valley boys, and a host of others, and all for the less than the price of a months worth of cracker jacks. And Iím gonna be there with my band Playing on Sunday morning, hanging out with my good friends Jim and Carol Johnson and hopefully, with you! And my Daddy always used to say, when Iíd behave as all chimpanzees do, ďWhatís the matter with you? Were you born in a barn?Ē, and no I wasnít, but Iím gonna be going to one today. A Brown Barn. Over in Gilroy, the hometown of Dave Nielson and Garlic. That there is a powerful combination.
See you there!
Posted:  10/11/2013

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