Author: Rhynes, J.D.

More memories of Rose

Last month I told you folks about the night my lips got polio from
drinking too much Guinness Stout when the Vern Williams band was
playing a gig with Rose Maddox at Raspberries nightclub in Angels
Camp California. For the last couple of days I have been dredging my
memory for things I could use in today's welcome column, and this
afternoon this next incident just popped into my head. It occurred
the same evening between sets that night we played with Rose. I
would like to point out that Rose was very protective of all of us
guys in Vern's band, but sometimes her humor had little mean streak
to it, and this is one of those times, but it turned out pretty
funny and okay in the end.

Rose has two nieces, Janie and Bell, and usually both of them would
attend the shows that we played with Rose, but on this particular
night Bell was the only of her nieces that was there. This is the
first time that I would meet Bell, and it was very memorable.

After the first set that night we were all backstage taking a break,
and talking with family and friends. On this particular night Vern's
wife and my wife were at the show with us, since it was only about
20 miles from the house. As a rule the wives and girlfriends of
Verns band didn't travel with the band due to the late hours that we
would get home, usually at two or 3 AM in the morning. Rose's niece
Bell asked Rose in a real loud voice; aunt Rose where did you get
that big hunk of a bass player? My wife heard her remark, and looked
at me and said, who is that? One of my fans I said. Then Rose gave
me this little evil grin, and said to her niece, would you like to
meet him?

Oh yes aunt Rose, she said, so Rose grabbed her by the arm
and took her over to where I was, and said to me, JD this is my
niece Bell, Bell this is my bass player JDRhynes. Whereupon Bell
grabbed me and started hugging me and said, oh I just love big bass
players! Can I take you home with me tonight? So I sez to her; I
don't know let me ask my wife. So I turned to my wife and said, can
she take me home tonight? My wife looked her right in the eye and
said, you can have the big --- -- - -----!!!! Bell turned a bright
red, stammered a little bit, and ran out the backstage door. Rose
and the whole band were laughing, and Rose said that'll teach the
little motormouth! Even my wife had to admit it was pretty funny the
way Rose set her up for that one.

Before the night was over and we all said our goodbyes to Rose, she
assured my wife that she made us walk the straight and narrow when
we were performing with her. And we did too, because we all
respected Rose for the fine lady that she was and always will be in
our hearts. God only made ONE Rose.

Posted:  9/26/2013

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