Author: Micheals, Josh

What are you waiting for? Get out here and have some fun!!!!

This is Josh Micheals (no, that's not a typo) with the CBA web team. Right now, at this very moment, as we speak, members of the CBA and other bluegrass aficionados are having fun without you. If you don't want you be left out, get over to Plymouth for some Bluegrassin' in the Foothills at the 11th annual festival there.

Call in sick, quit your job, hitchhike if you need to, but get there ASAP!!! (* Neither the CBA, nor common sense, endorses these actions, but the point is get there and have some fun.)

On a side note, I also happen to be the election coordinator. If you are a dues paying member and have not mailed in your ballot, why not? The election of the board is a very serious and necessary activity. Make your voice heard and get those ballots in.

There is a ballot box at the membership booth at Plymouth. So, now is your chance to kill two birds with one banjo.
Posted:  9/19/2013

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