Author: Campbell, Bruce

Perspectives on a Couple of Milestones

Cassy and I were driving this weekend and saw a pretty object in the sky, a few miles away. It was near Infineon Raceway, so I figured it’s a blimp, advertising something forthe race.

A minute later, it was gone, which was kind of weird, considering its size. Then suddenly, it was back again! By now, we were getting close enough to see what it was. It was a sign, being towed slowly behind a small plane. From the side, it looked like a blimp – when the plane turned and headed towards us or away from us, it basically
disappeared from view.

Perspective is a funny thing. You look at something one way, and to other folks, it looks
completely different.

As I type this, it is 30 years to the day that I got married. I am proud to have reached this anniversary, and very grateful to have found someone with whom I could be so happy for so long. From a different perspective, 30 years is small potatoes – I know from speaking to many CBA members that there are a lot of couples with 40, 50, or 60 years (or more!) of marriage. They are very lucky, but then again, so am I.

I have also decided not to run this fall for another term on the CBA Board of Directors.
The time I’ve put in, in that capacity, and as VP of Membership AND as Publicity Director, had just reached a point where I was worried I was not giving my best to my family, my friends, my music OR the CBA. So I am disengaging a bit – at least for a year. We’ll see.

Part of me feels some shame in this – there are so many people who have worked so much harder than I, for so much longer. But everyone’s different. Kudos to those who have had that much to give, and I wish I could give more. But I can’t, at least not right now.

I am very proud to have served on the CBA Board of Directors. They’re a fine bunch of people, and I made friendships there that I think will last the rest of my life. And I am grateful the work I did for the CBA brought me in touch with so many CBA members.

Every member has a story, and I have been privy to hundreds and hundreds of them.

I feel confident that there are so many good people on the CBA board (veterans and fresh faces alike) that the CBA will continue to grow and thrive. Folks, remember to respect the Board – they work very hard to run the CBA in a way that will please the most people possible. Which in itself is nearly Impossible! It’s a job that’s never done, and simultaneously filled with great emotional satisfaction along with maddening frustration.

Every good idea is a little angel on your shoulder, but it always comes with the little devil on the opposite shoulder who tells you it’s not a good idea. In the end though, believe me – the CBA Board has the best interests of the membership at heart. There’s no doubt in my mind about that, and I would say that’s a true fact, regardless of your perspective!
Posted:  8/28/2013

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