Author: Alvira, Marco

It Ain't Nothing Like T.V.

ďJust take a hammer and knock it out.Ē Thatís my wifeís familiar refrain when she wants something remodeled around here. ďJust knock it out and put the new one in.Ē Her notion of the work it takes remodel or build anything are obviously born of the wave of do-it-your self show and competitions that inundated cable the television just a short few years back.Itís amazing how easy remodeling appears with the aid of a professional crew and time lapse photography. Old tile and concrete bases evaporate quickly to to a few dust pans of rubble. Painting preparation begins with someone being handed a roll of blue tape and one fade later, a couple is merrily finishing a three tone room.

The most unbelievable aspect of all, is there nary a harsh word between the spouses. I awoke this morning thinking about bronze bathroom fixtures for soon to be new bathroom. Sitting with my wife at the computer for an hour looking at fixtures. I spent for of the last five days at building supply stores (and most of yesterday, in fact). It wasnít until after my second cup of coffee in hand, heading out the door for Fresno to check out a plumbing supply store that even realized that today is Sunday and I have a column due! Time does funny things when its spent in cavernous buildings with smooth concrete floors, ten foot high aisles stocked with tile and grout. You go in and it 10 AM. You leave thinking about lunch, look at the clock in your car and realize itís almost time for dinner. I could tile my bathroom with the samples that Iíve brought home and return. Hue. Tone. Texture. Blah.

Iíve hardly hit a G-lick on the guitar or played an arpeggio on the mandolin in the last eight days. Remodeling always reminds me that my hands have arthritis. Those last knuckles closest to the end of the finger become inflamed and I canít press a string. My dislike for interior remodeling turns to loathing when this happens. Itís at these times my family would rather walk around the house outside than pass me in the hallway. Iíve learned one important lesson about music through all this: bluegrass equals mental health. Listening is only part of my bluegrass experience. Picking is the other part. One without the other means Iím halfway out of my mind and remodeling puts me there every time.
Posted:  8/4/2013

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