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Get ready for the Good Old Fashioned Festival August 9th-12th.
The Main Stage Schedule for the 20th Annual NCBS Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival has been announced. The August 8-11, 2013 gathering will be held at Bolado Park, Tres Pinos (7 miles south of Hollister). The non-stop jamming is spectacular and wall to wall and endless -just the way we like it! The tweener stage is hosted by DamDave. Talk to him. Put a band together and go on stage…you can do it!

FRIDAY, August 9
3:00pm – Damdave & The Hot Damn Band
4:00 — Canyon Johnson
5:00 — The Creak
6:00 – Sycamore Bend
7:00 – Circle R Boys
8:00 – Bean Creek
9:00 – Kitchen Help

SATURDAY, August 10
10:00am — Gold Coast
11:00 — Elicia & The Fun Guys
Noon — Rogue River
1:00pm (Workshop/Lunch Break)
2:00 — Keystone Station
3:00 — Grassfire
4:00 — Faux Renwah
5:00 (Workshop/Dinner Break)
6:00 — Houston Jones
7:00 — Central Valley Boys
8:00 — Sidesaddle & Co
9:00 — Snap Jackson & The Knock on Wood Players

SUNDAY, August 11
9:00am — String Slingers
10:00 — Dark Hollow (Gospel Hour - Plus)
11:00 — Sidetrack
Noon — Dim Lights
12:45pm (Lunch Break)
1:15 — Regina Bartlett presents Kids On Stage
2:15 — Carr Creek Crossing
3:15 — Courthouse Ramblers
4:15 — Brookdale Bluegrass Band

This will be my 13th year of directing the Kids on Stage program.
I am fortunate to have a great crew to assist me: Dave & Karen Weaver, Larisa & Mike Pilati, Carolyn Kendrick (just back from Mark O’Conner’s fiddle camp) and Kay Wilkes.
We start out our KOS program with a meet and greet party and talk about our favorite songs, what instrument we play, why we like it, and who our favorite musicians and bands are…so that we know a little bit about each other since we’re going to play music together on stage. We also put our set together during the course of the weekend with rehearsals and water balloon fights and treats. You can find us by all the bright colored lights and yes Randy Shelton, the electric fireplace will be there! You never know who’s going to be there. Who will get the Special Achievement award this year?

Rose Maddox = ROSE MADDOX ! A friend offered me a big red and white sign with a rose that said ROSE MADDOX. She bought it many years ago up in Oregon. For many years, Rose lived in Ashland, Oregon. So I bought it from her and will have it at the GOF for photo opportunities. I asked JD Rhynes if he knew anything about this sign and what I should do with it. He said he didn’t know anything about it but suggested that I donate it to the International Bluegrass Museum as part of the California Bluegrass Music legacy of Rose Maddox. So that is what I’m going to do with it. What a woman Rose Maddox was! What a musician!

Ted Lehman’s column last week, “Pretty Good For A Girl: Women in Bluegrass” prompted me to buy the book. I read about the book here on the CBA website and thanks to I had it at my door the next day! I am enjoying the book a lot. The chapter on Rose Maddox opens with a quote by Jody Stecher: “ Rose Maddox was the consummate professional entertainer, giving herself to the audience above all things.” (liner notes from HEART OF A SINGER).

The book is chock full of photos and information about women in Bluegrass Music and Country Music from early beginnings until now and includes Kathy Kallick, Laurie Lewis, The Good Ole Persons, SideSaddle and our own California treasure of a woman, Rose Maddox. I met Rose Maddox when she played at O.T. Price’s Music Hall. J.D. tells me stories about her and I’m hoping he’ll add something to the message board this time for sure! I am enjoying this book. Several years ago, I met the author Murphy Henry and J.D. Crowe when they performed at Mark Varner’s Otter Opry. Thanks Ted Lehman for suggesting this book. I’ll have it at the GOF for the kids to check out.

I was supposed to go to Ron Rose’s picking party, but I tripped on a garden hose and fell flat on my back in the backyard. I landed on my right leg and back and I'm using my cane again. I spent the weekend on ice practicing my dulcimer and guitar. Sometimes you’re the bat and sometimes you’re the ball.

I heard from Johnny and Whitney Campbell and the Bluegrass Drifters, who relocated to Nashville last year. They have been playing with Chris Henry, (Murphy Henry’s son) at Bootleggers in Nashville. They are recording a cd with him this week and are so excited. They have been performing a lot around Nashville. You can contact them and see their schedule here:

Note: just as I had finished writing this I added one little thing and then suddenly my computer shut down and it was all gone.
Then I made a cup of coffee and started over again…on Harmony Road!

So, until next time (or the Good Old Fashioned Festival also known as ‘the goofy’) I’ll see you out there, somewhere, on Harmony Road.
Posted:  7/19/2013

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