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All turned around........ain't nothin’ easy

It is over 90 again for the 4th or 5th day in a row. This kind of heat makes me very cranky. I know you Central Valley and Foothills folks get this all the time but I live in Mountain View so I am not supposed to have to deal with this stuff. I need my bay breeze.

With my deadline looming, me getting more cranky by the degree, and the fact that I have no real hook for this month, I'm going to risk alienating readers and give you some rants and musings of my June starting with some FDF tidbits and continuing though the month. Bring on July.

Our week at that festival included two camp setups, a major water leak in the RV, two significant tweaks of my fragile back and an hour plus of diesel fumes blowing directly into our camp and jam from the Martha White Express on Friday night.

At Vern's, I was looking forward to some folks to showing up to claim their winnings from my year of welcome column quizzes. I wanted to put some faces to names and I bought a pocketful of tickets so I could pay up. Hardly any winners appeared. I'll keep trying next year. Don't worry the tickets didn't go to waste.

Stay with me here. Remember I'm ranting.

I missed the welcome columnist jam for the second year in a row. Couldn't find the spot. I was the guy with the upright bass and a bag of chips wandering around the camping area. Sorry I missed it. Heard it was quite literary and verbose. Also there were rumors of hard liquor.

No new takers on my standing tequila offer. Only a few of the regulars showed up for tequila at our camp. That may have turned out better for me, actually.

Adding insult to injury, there were jug players jamming at the hot dog stand on Saturday night. What’s up with that? (Just kidding, I like jug players.)

Still ranting some.

I took us a few extra hours to get home on Sunday. As I should have been aware, there are multitudes of people who need to get to Davis and Dixon on Sunday afternoon. Actually, I really messed up on this one. Our routine every year is to leave the festival on Sunday morning (that always turns into Sunday afternoon). The reason for this is that being the type A business guy I am, I needed to get back on Sunday so I could be ready for work first thing Monday morning. This meant entering the Davis / Dixon vortex on Sunday. So there we were this year lost for an hour and a half in this 15 mile stretch of highway. It is the same story from previous years except.......I'm retired now. I got nowhere to be on Monday. Next year I'm getting this right. We're staying Sunday night and traveling on Monday when anyone who needed to be in Dixon was already there.

That's the end of that rant. Please stay tuned. I have more. But first I want to say just in case my sense of humor isn't as evident as I would like, I had a very good time at the festival. I got to jam a bit with my friends and caught some good music on all the stages (how about Della Mae and my friends Oak Grove). Also working at Vern’s is a treat for me. I enjoy meeting and seeing all the folks every year.

Enough sugar…… back to the rant.

Let me tell you about the rest of June. A stalled (since January) yard project including a deck that was supposed to be finished when we returned from the festival but wasn't even started, another bad tweak of my back that caused me to miss some rehearsals and jams and finally getting our hot tub delivered.........on the hottest day of the century. Our band played a Farmer’s Market gig in Campbell where the band and vendors out numbered the market goers. The temperature was over 95 degrees and the tip jar was drier than the street.

Okay, Okay, I am done. July is already starting out much better. Physical therapy has my back behaving much better. Both of my bands have gigs coming up and we are having some good rehearsals. I got hooked up on a weekly Wednesday lunchtime jam and……….the weather broke.

Thanks for bearing with me. I'll be better next month.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great 4th of July, Independence Day Celebration. In the words of John Adams “…………it ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more. “ That’s what I’ll be doing.

Posted:  7/4/2013

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