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Presidentís Message

So why would you want to drive to Turlock for to camp? Well you have completed your taxes and are ready for a scenic drive, although I would never choose Hwy 99 for the scenery. Hwy 99 is the best route to Turlock and an April mini vacation on the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds. Turlock is a nice little valley town with a State University but isnít a destination for us until the CBA schedules a campout on the fairgrounds. The Fairground Administration makes it easy to schedule a campout: they do not schedule auto or motorcycle races on our weekend, they do not schedule loud rock concerts on our weekend, their rates are affordable. Sure, there are trains roaring through town during the night next to the Fairgrounds (some love the trains and some hate them) but the rest of the time all one hears are bluegrass jams and singing and laughter. There are buildings we can use if the weather turns wet or cold, there are showers, there are great Mexican Restaurants nearby. Saturday night we have a catered dinner on the Fairgrounds ($7 and food for 200 people only) and the dinner is a major fundraiser for the Youth Program. Red Dog Ash will play for us after dinner (also catch them as a California Showcase Band in Grass Valley in June). $20/night RVs, $10/night tents and your time is your own to meet people and stroll from jam to jam and from camp to camp. We hold a Board meeting on Sunday and you may attend if you want. CBA Mercantile is available. No pressure, no schedule, just friends and family and music. We love the Turlock campout.

May is the month the festival season kicks off and there are three non-CBA events you might consider. Board Member Mark Hogan is the director of a big new event in Cloverdale the first weekend in May. The Cloverdale Old Time Fiddle Festival was held for decades in the winter and this year will be held in May (when the weather will be nice) and will be combined with many other activities (including a big bluegrass presence). There will be camping on the Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds. The Parkfield Bluegrass Festival is held over the Motherís Day Weekend and the Strawberry Music Festival is held over the Memorial Day Weekend. We never miss the Strawberry Music Festival. The CBA is busy working on our big Music Camp, our 38th Annual Fatherís Day Festival and our new Bluegrass Camp for Kids all held on the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley in June and have no other activities in May.

If you want to volunteer for the Grass Valley events, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deb Livermore (, and remember that volunteers must have current CBA membership. For those of you who do not plan to volunteer and who have not yet purchased tickets, Advance Tickets are available through 5/31 (and current members get a significant discount which will recoup your member dues). We really encourage membership, you benefit by receiving the Bluegrass Breakdown each month, you can recoup your dues by purchasing tickets to our events and to other bluegrass events and our sponsors/advertisers love to see those high membership numbers. The CBA is worth the $25/person, $30/couple so please join or renew now.
Posted:  3/29/2013

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