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Lifeís darn near normal again. Starting the new year and getting past the short dark winter days is working wonders for my moods. Iím at 45 work days and counting until retirement. Daylight is lasting to 5:45 or 6:00 and getting longer everyday. The sun is shining more days than not, which means I am cutting down on the time I spend under the full spectrum light. Although, I was among the faithful that spent last Sunday glued to the TV (the 49ers got robbed), I am ecstatic that football season is over. A couple of days ago the groundhog did what the groundhog does, and word is springís a cominí soon. Pitchers and catchers report next week. Daylight savings time is just around the corner followed closely after that by the March Equinox. (For my two cents, there is nothing more feel good than having the sunís subsolar point directly over the equator.)

It feels like the cloud of winter has lifted. I know I know it is only the first week of February and that we will be slugged again (and maybe again) by winter but it feels pretty good now.

It is not just the changing weather that has me feeling good. I have been spending some quality time in the woodshed. Biweekly lessons (is that every other week or twice a week, Iím not telling) and the practice and metronome time required to have the lessons stick has been good for my chops. Improved technique and posture are also helping this old guy to play a little longer at a stretch.

On the other hand, just to keep my overwhelming joy in check, I havenít played a gig since October and the withdrawal is getting to me. Two bands, two hiatuses, at least our bluegrass band is still rehearsing though. Some of this lull is our own doing as we deliberately backed away from farmerís markets in the winter but there are no other band buyers beating down our door either.

Fortunately, we have a gig playing for the KKUP marathon this weekend. This is the 5th year we have gotten an invitation from them and are working hard on a set that will entice pledges in great numbers for this terrific community radio station. So be sure to tune us in (and pledge), if you can, on this Sunday February 10 at noon. For that matter, go ahead and tune in KKUP 91.5 all weekend beginning on Thursday and Friday evenings and finishing up with Mike Russellís Monday Night Bluegrass show. Bean Creek, Oak Grove, Sidesaddle and many other bands and performers will be performing live over the course of the weekend. The full schedule can be found at

In the last few years, Ďbout Time! would have already played a couple of gigs by now. This year is starting out very slow. We would usually have some senior centers, retirement communities or coffeehouses on our schedule but there is nothing on the horizon until June when we play a couple of farmerís markets. Iíll have to take the hit for this lack of band productivity as it is one of my roles to hustle gigs for our band and Iíve been pretty lax in this regard lately.

The good news is that our band has used this offseason wisely. Our rehearsals through this downtime have been very productive. We have added some new material that is close to being ready and we have tightened up a good portion of our current repertoire and are adding some versatility to our mix with some band members adding new instruments.

All in all, winter has been a bunch better than I anticipated when I started whining about the cold dark days a few months back. Lots of good woodshed time for me and the band. A fun, albeit very cold, RV trip for Linda and me. Through some very extensive research, I found a couple of muy bueno new tequilas and even managed to get a little jamming in.

Whatís on tap for next month? Iím going to have to get moving and hustle us some gigs because it is time to get out there again. Iíll be doing a bunch more tequila research and will also be scoring the beer making equipment Iíll use to help fill up all the free time I have coming up. Iíll let you know all about it next monthÖÖÖÖunless I think of something better to tell you.
Posted:  2/7/2013

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