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Let's talk about football

Along with this being the weekend of the Great 48 Hour Jam in Bakersfield California, it is also one of my favorite weekends because it marks the beginning of the NFL playoffs. The leading teams of a tough and grueling regular season now need three or four wins to hold the trophy and consider themselves champions. This year is just as good as others, with the Broncos and Niners being the probable representatives of their conferences in the Superbowl that will take place about a month from now. Along with being somebody that desires to know more about music, I also watch a lot of sports, and I believe, am able to make very good educated guesses about them, so I am going to talk about each Wild Card playoff game this weekend and let you know who I believe will come out the victor.

The first game on the schedule is a copy of last yearís match up where the 6th seeded Cincinnati Bengals will go to Houston to play the third seeded Texans, which looked like a shoe in for the #1 seed a couple weeks ago. But a couple of losses in a row have dropped them out of having a bye week, and now their incredible season could end surprisingly early. I donít believe that will happen. The Texans were able to win last year in a similar position and I believe their very strong defensive line led by J.J Watt will ruin Andy Daltonís day, and he will not be able to get enough going. Even the Texansí offense has been struggling recently as well. This will be a fairly low scoring game where the final score will be around 24-13 Houston.

Saturdays game on the NFC side is a rematch from last Sunday with the Minnesota Vikings hoping to beat the Packers for the second week in a row in a must win situation. The incredible Adrian Peterson has put them in this situation with the best single rushing season in history. Even though he finished eight yards away from the record, he led his team to the playoffs and will probably win MVP if it does not go to Peyton Manning. The Packers are looking to get back into another playoff groove after being beaten easily by the Giants last year at home. Part of my reason for picking the Packers is that it is hard to beat a team two weeks in a row, and Christian Ponder isnít a proven quarterback like the Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers. This game represented as a battle of offensive styles will be controlled by offenses and the final score will be 37-27 with Rodgers and Peterson scoring at least two touchdowns each.

The Sunday morning game consists of the strong defensive reputation of the Baltimore Ravens against the Indianapolis Colts whose Coach Chuck Paganoís cancer survival is the most inspiring story of the year. The Ravens looked terrible a couple weeks ago before they beat the Giants in week 16, but their performance last week makes one concerned again. Even though they were playing backups, that has proven to be a dangerous tactic especially when the team you are playing didnít. Led by Andrew Luck, the Colts are one of the biggest surprises in football, adding nine more wins to this season than they had when they got the #1 pick which turned into Andrew Luck. The teamís defense relies on their two defensive ends, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney who strike fear into any offensive line, and will probably have a big game against the weak offensive line of Ravens. I am picking the upset in this one and picking the Colts because the Ravens have showed me nothing to indicate that they even have more talent than the Colts. With the Colts having the definite edge in emotion and desire, this game will end with a 24-20 and will silence the crowd at the Old Crab Cake with depressed Ravens fans wondering what could have been.

The last game of the weekend is a battle of rookie quarterbacks when Russel Wilson and the Seahawks go to the Beltway to face RG3 and the Redskins. A lot of people are jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon, but I am not one of them. While the team is undefeated at home, they have only won twice on the road this season and have not played consistently when away from their home field. The Redskins are also coming off a very emotional win against the Cowboys and are confident and full of energy coming into this game. I am not expecting a let down. Since it is a game including the Seahawks, it will probably be low scoring, but the Redskins will win 23-14.

Posted:  1/5/2013

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