Author: Campbell, Bruce

Holiday Fun Family, Friends and Bluegrass

This may be a short column - I am writing this at the breakfast table at my sister's home in Capitola. I managed to wring a lot of fun out Christmas this year, and I'm not quite done yet!

On Christmas eve, we had a steady parade of visitors (friends and family) and enjoyed good company an some very good picking, including my youngest son Liam sitting in on guitar and bass!

On Christmas morning, we all piled in the car and trekked south to Capitola, and the fun continued. Now it's breakfast time in this beachside village, with the rain pounding a steady drumbeat outside the windows.

In business, I do a lot of networking activities and am often exposed to "successful" people who have plenty of money, but no real wealth. Because real wealth is family and friends. Most of these uber-successful people have nothing close
to the support system of friends and family that I have. Their loneliness and their dogged pursuit of something that won't enrich their hearts and souls, saddens me.

Let's all try and stretch this holiday stuff out - focus on the things that matter, and get rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Posted:  12/26/2012

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