Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items of Less

Thought for the Day: Now that the car companies have made a major comeback and the industry seems to be thriving once again maybe it is time to ponder this:

“If everyone in America were to purchase a pink automobile, we would in fact have created our own pink carnation.”

ITEM 1: When 2008 was ending and everything seemed to be sinking, the economy, the stock market, housing prices, morale, etc. I wrote sort of a wish list and things I thought would never happen in my life time, a list that I kept tucked away to check on a few years down the road. After writing it all down and then spend quite a lot of time thinking about what I had committed to paper looking at the list it seemed more appropriate for this coming April Fool’s Day column. Everything I wrote down really had no chance of happening. But then again….

ITEM 2: The list:

A. The economy will get better.

B. The stock market will recover and all those shrunken 401’s and IRA’s will bounce back and be healthy and thriving once again.

C. The War in Iraq will finally end and a timeline will be set to end the war in Afghanistan. More importantly our soldiers can come back home to their loved ones.
D. The hunt for Bin Laden will come to an end.

E. I was going to write down I wanted world peace but I’m not running for Ms. America.

F. My son-in-law Mark LOVES the New Orleans Saints. Please, Please make it so the Saints can win a Super Bowl, not for me but for Mark.

G. If the football gods make it so the Saints not only go but win the Super Bowl can the baseball gods be persuaded to make it so my beloved San Francisco Giants win a World Series before I die? Just once. Please…. It’s been over 50 years. The City and yours truly would be ever so grateful.

H. Can a Giants pitcher finally win the Cy Young Award? Juan Marichal was overlooked SOOOOO MANY TIMES…Also, since we are talking miracles can a Giants pitcher throw a perfect game? It has never happened before in the existence of the black and orange franchise.

J. Can a Giants player, maybe the same player win Rookie of the Year, Come Back Player of the Year, Win a batting title, and win the MVP. It is a lot to ask but maybe it could happen.

K. Make it so a Giants player will hit three homeruns in succession in a World Series Game. And he will be short, pudgy and look a bit like b.judd. (I know the line has to be drawn somewhere.)

L. Barry Zito will finally be a force and the Freak will pitch relief in a World Series game. I know all these things are so crazy but it’s a weird world out there.

M. The 49ers will once again be on top and to sweeten the pot let’s have a local Turlock boy lead the team at quarterback.

N. My beloved Notre Dame will go undefeated and be ranked number 1. They will win the coveted BCS national championship.

O. Stanford will go to the Rose Bowl. I love it when college football players play great football but are able to read, write, and graduate. Stanford sets the bar.

P. Sheila and I will finally be able to go a vacation together. We might even go on a cruise to Alaska.

Q. After 41 years of marriage Sheila still has yet to kick me out of the house.

R. Sheila and I will have three grandsons by 2012 and will awaiting the birth of our first grand daughter February 2013.

S. Rick will no longer be chairman of the board. Rick will utilize his fertile imagination to write a successful book, based on tall tales, dreams, and things that possibly maybe could have in a mystical sort of way might have happened. The book will do quite well as Rick ages like a fine Portuguese wine in his cabin on the hill with Lynn and her famous artwork and menagerie.

ITEM 3: I will continue to substitute teach entering my 25th year in the local Turlock area and maybe even cast off 1/3 of my body weight in the process.

ITEM 4: Maria will take me to the Jimmy Rodgers museum in Mississippi to visit the home of the father of country (and bluegrass music) for a surprise 60th birthday present. She will take me to Cooperstown to be part of the Hall of Fame Induction and to visit the Hall of Fame for a 65th birthday present.

Well folks there it is. Now you know why I take long walks by myself through the wonderful tree lined streets of Turlock.

Until January 2013 the year of the banjo, read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, eat a chocolate bar, and say something nice behind someone’s back.

Posted:  12/7/2012

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