Author: Brandli, Darby

December 2012 President’s Message

The California Bluegrass Association election held every year in October has come and gone. Close to 20% of the membership voted this year. Most years there are very few changes to our Board and Officer lineup but this year was different.

The Board of Directors has decreased its membership number from 13 to 11 and the newly elected Board Members are: David Brace, Darby Brandli, Bruce Campbell, Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram and Geoff Sargent.

The most significant change is the change in Chairman. For a decade Rick Cornish has run for the Board and been unanimously elected Chairman of the Board. Rick has done a phenomenal job as Chairman and there was apprehension about who would be our next Chairman. I can confidently announce that our apprehension has been allayed by the elected of Tim Edes as the next Chairman of the Board. Tim has been a Board member for years and years, was unanimously elected Chairman with Geoff Sargent selected as Assistant to the Chairman. Tim is well versed in all things “CBA” and we can relax in the knowledge that he is taking over the helm of our ship for 2013. The transition will be smoother than anticipated. Montie Elston will remain as Treasurer and I was selected to remain as President.

Our new Music Camp Directors were formally announced and what an exciting duo they are. Peter Langston and Janet Peterson have co-directed many music camps and, besides being immensely qualified to direct our camp, are simply the nicest people ever. We will be rolling out news of Music Camp 2013 and any of you wanting to volunteer for this camp can contact Peter and Janet.

Our new Teen Ambassador is Max Schwartz and he has big plans for his term of office. Max has impeccable bluegrass and CBA credentials (and he is only 14) and is jumping into his role with both feet. We are confident that Max will be an awesome 4th Teen Ambassador and will more fully develop the role to include more activities for teens in the CBA.

The 2012-2013 Coordinators and Officers will be listed in the Bluegrass Breakdown and please notice there are some big and important jobs still unfilled. Please seriously consider the jobs of Librarian of the Darrell Johnston Kids Lending Library (year round job) or the Gate Crew Coordinator or Ice Booth/Ice Wagon Coordinator for our Father’s Day Festival. Contact Tim Edes or me if you have any interest in these very important positions. Deb Livermore has generously extended her role(s) to include remaining Volunteer Coordinator and she is your contact if you have interest in volunteering at/for any of our events.
We are an all volunteer organization and urge you to give back to the community we love by volunteering to serve as an Officer or Coordinator or to volunteer for a project or event. We urge you to encourage new membership in the CBA and help us maintain and create programs and activities that serve our membership and meet the mission of our organization. The Board and Officers volunteer to serve you and are most effective when the members communicate and participate.

Posted:  11/30/2012

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