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International Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day!

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December 12th, 12/12/12 on the calendar, is the day reserved for the very first International Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day. This grass-roots effort began as an idea from Lee Marcus, former banjo picker with Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, and has now spread around the world.

A special Facebook page has been set up for anyone to join in and comment on what specifically they'll be doing to show appreciation for bluegrass music.

Marcus, the 2011 International Songwriting Competition winner in the Instrumental category, is an inventive young man full of ideas. Prescription Bluegrass CD Reviewer W.J. Hallock says, “...he's fearless, Lee has all the ingredients for success and his next effort will undoubtedly be even better than this ...”

At the time, I'm sure that Mr. Hallock was thinking of a future CD project. But as projects go, this undertaking by Marcus is even more monumental, and, with the momentum he's generated so far in just a few days, this too looks like it has all the earmarks of success.

According to Marcus, “At least one day of the year, everyone involved in this music can feel appreciated. From the professional artists to the most unknown closet picker. The day is not just for the people that play Bluegrass, but for EVERYONE involved in the music in ANY way.”

He also suggests that you contact your favorite bands, DJs, promoters, etc., and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Bluegrassers from around the world have joined the cause in just the few days since the Facebook page went up. Dwayne Elix, from Sydney Australia, suggested that everyone join in a worldwide version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown at 12:00 AM Frankfurt, KY time which would be 3:00 PM in Sydney. A representative from the European World of Bluegrass, Ruud de Bruin, committed participation from all of Europe, and Rawhide’s Jeff Cardey in Belgium echoed the consideration for his band.

Marcus has been busy contacting bluegrass celebrities to volunteer their time recording special radio public service announcements which should be airing around the world by early next week.

Here is a link to a generic press release that you can use if your bluegrass band is going to do something to celebrate...just add in your own specific information and send it off to your local newspaper and be sure to invite them to send out a photographer to cover your event.

Print media and webmasters, here's a link to a hi-res photo for the event logo:

Broadcast media can download a :30 second public service announcement here:

Join cause – More Info at:

Have a great bluegrass day!
Brian McNeal, Prescription Bluegrass

Posted:  11/24/2012

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