Author: Campbell, Bruce

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As I write this, I donít know who won the national elections. By the time you read this, weíll have a pretty good idea of who won which races, and this time, letís not use the results as a sign that America, or democracy, is doomed.

Iíve been voting since 1976, and I have been sorely disappointed, even alarmed at the way some of the elections turned out. And I have been disappointed, and alarmed at the way some of the people in charge have led. But you know what? Our system is so chockablock with checks and balances that no one candidate, no one administration, and no one party, can ruin the country.

The decisions these people make, and the laws they make, affect us in many ways, most of which are pretty subtle. And if one of those decisions leads to a major changein your quality of life, youíd be mad Ė of course youíd be mad. And you, and others similarly affected, or sympathetic to your plight, will begin working to reverse the decisions that affected you so poorly.

But regardless, whether your wallet is full or empty, or your plate is full or bare, certain things will remain. The grass is green, and sky is blue. The sun feels good on your face, a childís laughter is sweet and so is the hug of a loved one.

The winning party will claim a mandate. The losing party will begin investigations into the election, and after that, delve into investigations of everything the winning candidateís administration does. Thatís all fine. The administration will have its struggles meeting its goals, and some promises will not be fulfilled.

The investigations will reveal some indiscretions, maybe even crimes. There may be repercussions, or maybe not.

The administration will be tested by events it could not have foreseen. These events can topple an otherwise great leader, or make a mediocre one great.

But remember this Ė whoever wins does NOT want to destroy the country, even if you vehemently disagree with that leaderís tactics, plans or core beliefs. Nobody would endure the multi-year, crushing grind of a presidential election in order to destroy America. It canít be done. It can be chipped away, on purpose or by accident, but someone always applying patches to the chipped away areas Ė thatís the glory of our system.

And because of this, we can revel in the green grass, the blue sky, the sun feeling good on our face, a childís sweet laughter, the hug of a loved one, and yes, bluegrass music. Letís all work together!

Posted:  11/7/2012

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