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So how bout them Giants? After a terrific year based on timely hitting and a dominating starting pitching staff led by the no hit stuff of Matt Cain. That doesnít mean that this year didnít have diversity, the loss of your closer is usually a death sentence to winning the World Series because it is difficult to have two players on a team that can take the incredible pressure of closing games in the playoffs. But Romoís slider never deserted him and he was just as impressive as the rest as the pitching staff during their dominating playoff run. Now I will give you my interpretation of what happened throughout the Giants Journey to eventually becoming the World Champions of the 2012 Baseball Season.

Entering the first series against the Reds, everybody was interested to see how the new playoff format would work. It seemed that it might be an advantage to the Giants since they are starting the series at home and have the ability to set the tone. This is not how it went. After the first two games of the playoffs, it seemed like the Reds were going to sweep the Reds and possibly win the World Series, but what people didnít realize was that the baseball gods were on the Giants side. They raged back with three wins to win the series with three high competitive games. What was truly incredible about the comeback was that except for the Rolen Error, the Reds didnít lose this series. They seemed to play well in every game and the Giants just basically out played them. Just like this series their next challenge would go the maximum amount of games, but the next test will be against the defending champs.

Both teams went into the National League championship series confident and ready to go to the World Series with the amazing comebacks in the previous series. Because of their swagger coming in, it could have been said that the winner of the first game was the best team and going to be the future national league representative in the world series, but this was not the case. The Giants got off to another slow start in a series where they lost to the Giants in a game where the Giants seemed to never feed off the fans that they did later in the playoffs. And after the Giants went down 3-1 in the series it seemed even more impossible to beat the defending world series comebacks when you have to win three games in a row. But impossible was the theme of the whole season and theme was exemplified when Zito turned the series around with the greatest start of his life. He had the Cardinals confused through the whole game, and his pitching performance was the improbably inspiration for the six games in a row they were going to win after. After they dominated games six and seven in San Francisco the Giants were on their way to face the powerful Tigers in the world series where they had to face the best pitcher and hitter in baseball.

Going into the series the Tigers were the national favorite because of their triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera, the former MVP and Cy Young Justin Verlander and because of the way they dominated the Yankees offense with their top notch pitching staff, but the Giants didnít have losing in mind. Unlike the first two series, the Giants came into this series ready to play, and they showed it. With the noise of the crowd as the energy, the Giants blew out the Tigers at AT&T Park in the first two games, and then it wasnít too much more to win the next to and get the World Series title in the least games possible. As a baseball fan, I was disappointed on the lack of good games, but the fact the Giants won was fine enough.

Posted:  11/3/2012

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