Author: Cornish, Rick


In the beginning…way, way back…we created a feature at the bottom of the right hand column of the splash page called “Band News”. Though that name stuck for at least a couple of years, it quickly became clear that the term ‘band news’ was not broad enough to include all of the topics that could rightfully fit into this space. When I took over writing the column ten years or so ago, I renamed it the Almost Daily News and that moniker stuck until Larry Carlin took over, at which point we went to Carlin’s Almost Daily News. Then, a year ago, the writing duties went to yet another person who renamed the column Bluegrass Scuttlebutt. After all, what’s in a name?

Now, after a couple months of newslessness, we’re back in business with MOLD…short for More or Less Daily News. The new news dude, who writes the column, and for that matter communicates with the web team only as the ‘Masked One’, has formulated his own title and we say, why not? Is the guy/gal truly a mystery? You betcha. How can we allow someone whose identity we don’t even know to post daily stuff on our web site? Simple. We can’t. The Masked One doesn’t have access to the site’s admin page. He sends his text to the web team and we look it over before posting it. So far it’s worked out fine…then again, it’s only been two days. One thing is for sure, the girl/guy seems very well connected and that surely can’t hurt. His/her attempts at humor haven’t been universally on the mark, but we’re allowing for a learning curve.

Now, specifically in terms of the veracity of the items in the column, we’re going to go with the tried and true “reader beware” principle. After all, this is the Internet, right? But to be on the safe side, I’ve been directed by the board of directors to include a disclaimer at the head of MOLD that reads: “Important Note: The California Bluegrass Association's Governing Board is solely responsible for all of the content contained herein, with the exception of any part thereof which is found to be untrue or, more generally, less than factual.”

In terms of content, we have been warned by TMO that he/she will on occasion drift a bit afield from strictly bluegrass news, or even generally music news and we’ll be on the watch for that. For example, we’re told tomorrow to expect a fish story…a true one.

Finally, if you have news items you’d like to see covered in MOLD, (interesting image), just send them to me,, and I’ll make certain TMO receives them immediately.

So, folks, let’s all welcome MOLD and it’s originator, the Masked One…at least for the time being.

Posted:  10/23/2012

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