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Harmony Road

Strawberry was wonderful!
For two days prior to the festival, I camped at Gypsy Grove off of Evergreen Road and jammed with old friends. The Wednesday night before Strawberry, the Evergreen Lodge has a BBQ Dinner that is amazing. There was all kinds of music and jams everywhere. The jamming is just as amazing!

The Evergreen Lodge has really upgraded their facilities with many new cabins, an Olympic size pool and a 12 person Hot Tub! It was just was the doctor ordered for my tired old joints! Just a tip as my old friend the Surf Dawg would say! I met folks from Germany, Holland, The United Kingdom and Santa Barbara, Marin and New York.

After a two year absence from Camp Howdy I had a fantastic reunion with my Strawberry campmates. We jammed, toasted and roasted each other and enjoyed the music of Strawberry! Prairie Flower and Cactus Bob and Sarah Elizabeth Campbell were just across the road and they had Tim O’Brien hanging out with them. Camp Spam was also on the other side of the road with some great Bluegrass music too!

Thursday night I was out on the music meadow for The Birds of Chicago, and Jimmy LaFave

Friday My friends Diane & Ziggy (KVMR friends as well) were married and it was a very beautiful and touching ceremony with lots of music and magic.

Friday night I enjoyed Band of Heathens and was knocked out by the vocal control and range and the stunning performance of kd Lang!!! She also plays banjo now!

Saturday morning I caught Rita Hoskings show, The Pimps of Joytime, and swam in Birch Lake. Then it was time for Marley’s Ghost, Hot Rize and Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers, and John Hiatt.

The Sunday Revival had Rita Hosking, The Birds of Chicago, Tim O’Brien played a set and then did his usual Bluegrass Baptism into Birch Lake followed by a good 50 other like minded souls.
Sunday afternoon opened with Walking Woody’s Road which included stories and songs by Woody Guthrie performed by Eliza Gilkinson and Slaid Cleves, Sara Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion.

ChickWagon: Sunday afternoon Chuck/Chicksie and Jeanie and the Chickwagon gals put together a wonderful event for women performers at Strawberry. I have been fortunate to perform at this show for several years now and it’s lots of FUN.

Three years ago I performed with my friend Sally Schilling of Grass Valley. I thought about her and then, lucky for me, I ran into Sally and her parents out on the music meadow and invited Sally to play with me at Chickwagon. She came over to my camp and we rehearsed, “Pastures of Plenty” by Woody Guthrie. She nailed it the first time and then worked out a break. We rehearsed again Sunday morning and it was great. We performed it and the audience really liked it. Joe Craven complimented us on our show. That meant a lot to me! Sally Schilling and I met thru Kids on Bluegrass and she’s very talented and now she’s writing songs. Thanks Sally! I love watching how the Kids on Bluegrass/Stage are developing their talents and growing.

I was really delighted with Greensky Bluegrass! They were great. I didn’t think I’d like them…but man can they play Bluegrass Music and they’re funny too! Don’t miss them.

The Sunday evening closing act was Tim O’Brien Party of 7 - Tim and his sister Molly and her husband Rich Moore and their daughters and Tim’s son, Jackson. They played a lot of music from their tribute album, Reincarnation, songs of Roger Miller. I also went to the Kuumbwa Jazz Center to see their show this past Friday night. Always good to see Tim O’Brien and Molly, my musical heroes from my hometown (and Duane Campbell’s too!), Wheeling, West Virginia!

The weather was spectacular and despite Strawberry being sold out and an inconvenient power failure, the entire festival was one of the best Strawberry Festivals I’ve been to yet.

Meghan and Curtis’ Wedding
Saturday, the 8th of Sept. was the wedding day for my good friends, Meghan Herring and Curtis Leslie. They were married at the historic Valencia School Hall in Aptos. It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended. The friends and family and the music were so touching. Prairie Flower and Cactus Bob played the opening music and the Bridal song. Curtis sang a couple songs to Meghan and the Rev. Judd pronounced them man and wife. Their smiles of joy just lit up the room. Windy Hill, The String Slingers (you should have seen Meghan in her wedding dress playing that dawghouse bass!) Hailey Pexton, Deb Livermore, Nina Weisman and Linus Tremaine, Tom Naiman, and me, all played Bluegrass Music and songs. We also had a great dinner outside surrounded by the redwood forest. We then went over to Linus’ home and jammed and celebrated the marriage of our friends Meghan and Curtis. A good time was had by all!

Caring for others
I have a part-time job of caring for my elderly friend, Virginia. I do errands and shopping and drive her to the doctors. We enjoy each other’s company and I spent a couple days with her after Strawberry. She loves my stories about all the folks I play music with and enjoys the Bluegrass Music that I share with her after the festivals.

Since Strawberry, I’ve unpacked my truck, done some laundry and cleaned my house played with friends, gone to a birthday party/concert and attended a wedding.

Now, I’m repacking my truck

What do I do before I leave town?
Pay bills
Water plants
Notify neighbors that I’ll be gone and to watch my home while I’m away!
Make sure I close and lock the front door (left front door wide open last time!) Many thanks to the Watsonville Police Dept.
Check my oil, fill up with gas…

On the road again…

Plymouth here I come !
Ken & Grace Reynolds, it will sure be good to see you!

Until next time, see you out there on Harmony Road!

Posted:  9/21/2012

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