Author: Alvira, Marco

The Uncandidate Statement

Do you remember that pinched face youíd get when your mom tried giving cod liver oil or some other foul tasting cold remedy? I thought I always took that stuff like a man when I was a kid, and the looks my sisters would make as my mom probed their mouths with the table spoon of the cherry colored, foul tasting tonic always got me to laughing; until, that is, she grabbed my nose and shoved that spoon in my mouth as preventive medicine to ward of whatever ague afflicted my younger siblings at the time. Sometimes when folks find out that Iím on the CBA Board of Directors, I get a glimpse of that scrunched up face with a slight turn of the head and tightly pursed lips. The expression is usually followed-up by a question. I have to laugh when the converserís asks voce sotto about some alleged conspiracy regarding CBA spending, band selection for the FDF, or the CBA connection to the JFK assignation cover-up and the grassy knoll.

It has been two and a half years since I became a Director following the retirement of JD Rhynes. In that time, Iíve seen about half the Board turn over, so many that I almost feel like old guard now. To be sure, there are powerful personalities on the Board and those who work closely with the Board. These personalities are only equal to their
powerful desire to serve the CBAÖthat means you, the members, and the music scene in California. What struck me most within the first few meetings was the absolute integrity of the Directors. This is a sure antidote to cabalism. This integrity manifests in many forms: acute attention to detail; painstaking efforts to make decisions that are good for the majority of the members; and a constant aspiration to pecuniary openness and responsibility. Perhaps it is the spouses of the Board members that can best appreciate the long, arduous hours donated to the cause of bluegrass music.After serving on the Board for two and a half terms, Iíve decided not to run for reelection. This decision is not an easy one, for representing all of you in the CBA has been a treasured privilege that I have worked hard to honor. Additionally, my tenure seems so puny compared to that of luminaries such Carl Pagter and JD. Please do not confuse my departure from the Board as abandonment. Contrary, in the course of the past few years, Iíve found myself in a position to delve farther into bluegrass volunteerism. At this time however, I find my focus centered on the music scene here in my neck of the Central Valley. Most of you know that I have been deeply involved with the formation of CBA Radio. At this juncture, we at the precipice of expanding our Associationís role in that medium. Additionally, a new area Vice-Presidency was created comprised of Stanislaus, Merced, and Merced counties. As you might guess, I am the new areaís V.P.. I can feel in my bones that this part of the Valley is about to bust open with bluegrass activity. We already have at least four regular jams happening and four solid bluegrass friendly venues and several others are ready to open their doors to bluegrass. The limits of time and energy force me to prioritize my activities and I would be remiss, indeed, if I were not to properly nurture this nascent bluegrass scene.

At the time of this writing, that means that there is at least one seat open on the Board. There are however, ten other seats available as well. Each and every incumbent would readily agree with me that no one has a birth right to the Board of Directors. In fact, the Directors are encouraged about the health of the Association when they see multiple challengers to Board seats. Please consider running. Though the work of the Board is not brain surgery, it does require time and energy. Truthfully, any current Board member could have easily claimed that they donít really have the time to serve, but they all understand that time is not foundÖ it is made. We all have busy lives. So make the time to serve the bluegrass community in one of the most gratifying jobs that you could ever have. Run for the Board of Directors.

Posted:  8/5/2012

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