Author: Evans, Bill

Sooner or Later, Life Gets Back to Normal

How long does it take you for life to get back to “normal” after a Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival experience? That’s a profound question on several levels, when you stop to think about it. For me, re-entry into regular life began on Sunday afternoon with the fading signal of KVMR on Interstate 80 as I headed west towards Sacramento and finally to my home in the Bay Area.

Luckily, I was able to catch most of the Seldom Scene’s last set on the radio. It was important to get home to celebrate what was left of Father’s Day with my family, so I couldn’t stay until the very last note was played. However, being able to hear the festival on the radio made the transition easier – my ears were still in the Main Stage area, even if I wasn’t.

The extreme temperature change – an almost 50 degree swing between the high of 102 in Davis and a low of 56 in fog enshrouded Albany, was a physical manifestation of the more subtle psychological transition that we all go through, as we move out of “bluegrass” mode and back into thoughts of career, family, house and home as we return home at the end of the Father’s Day Weekend.

The morning alarm always rings too early on the Monday, doesn’t it? There’s a pile of clothes to be washed, camping equipment to be stored, instruments and cases to be dusted off and a long list of emails and phone messages to answer that have accumulated during the week away.

And while it’s not possible to pick at just about any time of day or night or go into your living room and catch the Deadly Gentlemen playing a set just for you, now that you’re home, doesn’t all of life somehow feel better? That’s the beauty and joy of the festival experience – if we drink it all in, it fills us up and makes us better people in that other, so called “real” world. That’s perhaps what’s the greatest thing about this music called bluegrass – that and the pure joy of playing music with others.
Can’t wait until next year, can you? Hope to see you there.
Posted:  6/22/2012

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