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Well howdy you all!

I’ve been writing, packing, paying bills, laundry, watering my gardens, and doing odd jobs before I leave for Grass Valley! Last night while watering my garden I tripped and landed on my right knee (the sore one) and arm! This morning I opened a bag of granola and as I ripped it open, it suddenly flew all over the kitchen floor…I get the broom, I sweep it up! Okay, enough of this domestic tranquility, I quit. I need a break…CBA take me away! Somebody send the RV to pick me up and take all my stuff to Grass Valley! Like the old Calgon tv commercial…the music plays and this is my Bluegrass Fantasy …on Harmony Road!

I’m writing, packing, laundry…
By the time you read this column, I will be at the CBA’s Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival and the Bluegrass Cabana Boys were kind enough to set up my camp in the tent area of the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. Friends welcome me and we all catch up with what’s been happening in our lives and how excite we are about the line-up. It’s almost like a family reunion…it’s my family of friends in the Bluegrass Community. National, Regional and local musicians shake and howdy do…just like me and you!

If you’ve never attended the Father’s Day Festival at Grass Valley, and always wanted to, jump in your vehicle and go…even if it’s just for the day, you won’t be disappointed with the FINE entertainment and the atmosphere of our California Bluegrass Association’s community and family of friends.

Thursday: the first day of the festival-
The Tuttles & AJ Lee kick off the amazing festival line-up. It’s so amazing to see just how incredible these kids play Bluegrass Music: AJ Lee, Molly Tuttle, Sullivan & Michael Tuttle, and the big kid, Jack Tuttle. It will be great to see how much ‘our kids’ have grown, physically and musically!

Foghorn String Band - they played for the CBA’s IBMA Showcase in Nashville last year. I met Reeb at Gruhn’s Guitar store while we were trying out Martin 00018 guitars!
They played in Santa Cruz a couple months ago to a standing room only event. They mix old time with drive and some Bluegrass standards and are lots of FUN.

Dan Paisley & Southern Grass - What a way to kick off a festival! I love to hear Dan play and sure do enjoy Southern Grass. The new band should be a kick! I’m looking forward to hearing him jam around the campgrounds later on.

Lunch and workshops - I always enjoy the workshops…and lunch. The CBA always offers a variety of great teachers. I am looking forward to learning some guitar licks and harmony tips.

I go back and forth from the Main Stage to Vern’s stage so I can catch:
David Thom Band
Ragged But Right
Little Black Train
Steep Canyon Rangers
Blue & Lonesome
The Deadly Gentlemen - Dominick Leslie

A couple of years ago, I met Dominick Leslie of The Deadly Gentlemen at a gas station in Carmel Valley. He was stretching his left hand into the sun while I was pumping gas. I motioned an air guitar to him and he replied with a thumbs up and some air strumming too. I waved bye and drove off to Big Sur to the Henry Miller Library. We were both surprised to see each there! Dominick was in The Bee Eaters and told me about his band, The Deadly Gentlemen. We ran into each other at IBMA at the Ryman Auditorium along with his parents, brother, girl friend and SAM BUSH! I am really looking forward to seeing him play again. I call him Hartford Mouth…because he reminds me of John Hartford when he plays.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how excited I am about seeing

Okay, the column is done, the laundry too,
the truck can’t take anymore,
I'm packed, now what can I do?
I’ll go see Cliff, the Bluegrass Bard,
And Jeanie Ramos too…
And Mona, I’ve got a song for you.
Ken & Grace Reynolds we’re sure missing you!

I’m off to Grass Valley,
Happy Fathers’s Day to You
Thanks Dad for sharing Bluegrass Music with me!
See you out there...on Harmony Road!

Posted:  6/15/2012

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