Author: Daniel, Bert

School's Out!

I've been looking forward to this day all year, the day when I can say goodbye to the work a day world and just be myself for a while. Okay, so I have to write a welcome column before I go. Big deal. I can just mail that in. Nobody will notice. They're all thinking about going to Grass Valley too. The feeling of that last day of school is infectious. Sign a friend's annual. Tell your teacher you liked their class even though you're psyched that they can no longer inflict cruel pain on you. Life is easy all of a sudden and you really need that feeling. When you're a kid in school, that school's out feeling comes naturally. But when you're an old codger like me, it rarely happens. Like when you get out of the dentist chair and realize nobody is going to scrape you teeth for another six months! School's out!

We would all die if we didn't have our school's out moments. Make them what you want, but make them. We CBAers are lucky that we can have those special moments at Grass Valley every year. Work is hard. So play must be fun. Enjoy.

I would have written the usual essay here but hey, I don't have to! School's out. It's off to Grass Valley. C U There.
Posted:  6/10/2012

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